I Need You To Know You Can Get Through This

Khánh Hmoong
Khánh Hmoong

I started out disliking you,
totally doubting you
and everything else in between.
Little by little,
you proved your worth
and God knows how fast everything happened.

It turns out
you became and continue to be
one of the people I mainly draw
inspiration from.
It turns out
you are the one who pushed me
to discovering my potentials and passion.
It turns out
you were the man I was going to love.

I am so grateful for you;
rarely do I say this,
but I am, always have, always will.

Thank you for motivating me
and for cheering me up
when I feel like I am never enough as a person.
Thank you for always letting me know
that there is at least one person
who needs me and values my presence.
Thank you for never failing
to surprise me with the little things about you.
Thank you for always trusting
me and my capabilities.
Thank you for never doubting me
to keep all our little conversations and secrets.
of what I could offer to everyone else.
Thank you for bringing me to this passion.
Thank you for constantly reminding me
that I have a place in this world
because I deserve to have so.
Thank you for always being strong for me.

Above all,
thank you for never letting our differences
come in between us.

I have always looked up to you.
Your personality never fails to surprise me.
I always annoy you,
but you always tolerate me, too.
Maybe one of the many reasons
why I fell for you in the process,
in the middle of all the possible complications.

Between the two of us,
you were always the optimistic one,
the stronger one,
the braver one,
but right now, I guess you’ve reached a maximum.
It’s my turn to be stronger,
for you and for myself.
I cannot directly let you know
because I respect and understand that
I am not the one who’s supposed to be like this.
But still,
I need — and I want — to be strong for you,
because I want to see you get up once more,
and find your way back to the light;
to see that glow in your eyes again.
I need to be strong for myself, too
because no matter how hard I try to forget,
I am always reminded how great your part is
in my life
and it hurts me so bad
to see you like this
to see you unusually down and broken
when all these times I have known you,
you were always the better version of yourself.

You have let me see
the little parts of you that few have not,
and I couldn’t be anymore grateful
for constantly trusting me
even if our little talks aren’t as often as before.
I know in myself
that you are a great person, a great man.
I am not saying this because I used to be in love with you,
but because I know you are.
Before I even fell for you,
I have already admired you,
even if I usually deny that.
You are exceptionally
great and do not ever forget that.

I don’t know what happened,
but I hope you find it in you
to get back up and be that stronger one,
optimistic one,
braver one,
I know you have given up so much for this
and you’re in a stage right now
that you don’t know where to put yourself,
and the mere thought of this breaks me
into tiny pieces.

Please be strong,
for yourself and for everyone else
who continues to believe in you,
for everyone else who never doubted your capabilities.
You’ll get through this.
Think of this as a stage you have to get through
to be able to reach the place
where you rightfully belong.
Remember that your efforts were never wasted,
what you’ve sacrificed weren’t for nothing,
because believe me,
you were able to change lives without you knowing it,
and because each and every person you’ve been wanting to serve,
is worth every bit of your effort.
I know there is so much more for you.
Believe that there is a better plan,
and there will be,
because He never disappoints.
Please don’t be too hard on yourself.
Knowing you, I know you give your all,
pour your everything into your passion
so never think that you didn’t give enough.
Please get up again,
just like how you always do.
Don’t let defeats scar your whole life,
and define your entire outlook.
This is not you.
This is not the you that I know.

I hope you put your trust in yourself, too
that you will get over this,
just like you always do with me
when I doubt myself so many times before.
I hope I can return the favor
and protect you just like you did with me.
Right now,
it’s my turn to put my trust on you
that you have better days and better plans
ahead of you.
You are special,
never ever forget that, my former love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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