24 Things It Took Me 24 Years To Realize

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

1. I have learned that God does not keep score. He does not tally up our sinful mistakes. And He never holds our wrongdoings against us. He is ever forgiving. I have learned that God is good. So very good.

2. I have learned about falling in love…and then out of love…and then back in. I have learned to stop settling and giving millionth chances to people who cause me harm. I have learned to protect my heart. But also that sometimes, just sometimes, second chances are worth it.

3. I have learned that saying goodbye to loved ones is almost impossible to overcome. Almost. I have learned that a death of a family member or friend is tough, and rough and horrible. But I have also learned that God gives us the grace to cherish those we have lost, rather than solely mourn.

4. I have learned that I am my best self when I am alone. When I am exploring the world and all it has to offer, by myself. Being in a relationship is pleasant, but at my age, I am still getting to know myself. I’m still thirsty to find out more about my personality- my hopes and goals- and I can only do that independently.

5. I have learned that entry level jobs are surprisingly not entry level and do require experience.

6. I have learned that holidays and birthdays are less exciting as you get older. But they should still always be celebrated.

7. I have learned that when I put effort into my appearance, I feel better about myself. Taking an extra 10 minutes to apply a little makeup and fix my hair is worth the satisfaction. But I have also learned that I am perfectly fine- actually, more than fine- naturally. I have learned to believe I am beautiful.

8. I have learned the EXTREME importance of COFFEE. Caffeine, yesssss.

9. I have learned that it is vital to put family first. In the end, family is really all we are left with. I have learned to value them and appreciate what they do for me.

10. I have learned that it is more valuable to have a couple truly great friends, rather than many acquaintances.

11. I have learned that sleeping with someone will not make him fall in love with you.

12. I have learned how to write a proper email and how to speak eloquently over the phone. The way you present yourself through your words is essential and shows capability.

13. I have learned that, unfortunately, we all do not get our envisioned happy ending. But this doesn’t mean we can’t still do well. Sometimes what we originally considered our happy ending can transform into something even better.

14. I have learned how to balance four plates on my arms and to carry six mugs of beer. The oh-so-handy and useful skills learned from working at a bar.

15. I have learned not to judge others so quickly. It’s best to get to know someone before you make an assumption. We are all facing matters in life, and odds are that we have more similarities than we think.

16. I have learned the importance of separating whites from colors when doing laundry. I have no idea how that red sock got in there, anyway.

17. I have learned not to take five shots of Jameson in a row. OK, maybe I haven’t quite learned that one just yet.

18. I have learned how to wing my eyeliner. OK, maybe I haven’t quite mastered that one yet, either.

19. I have learned what hairstyles work for me. I cannot pull off the ballerina bun, nor can I pull off the side braid. However, I look fabulous with bangs and straightened hair. As we get older, we figure out our “look” and what is most flattering.

20. I have learned that stepping outside of your comfort zone often leads to fond discoveries. Taking chances can be wonderful. You never know what could happen.

21. I have learned small talk.

22. I have learned how to fake a smile.

23. I have learned that I seriously am NOT a fortune teller, anything and everything that I think WILL happen at a specific time most likely WILL NOT, and I have NO control over any of this.

24. And I have learned that everything actually WILL be OK. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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