I Hope Your 2017 Is Filled With Endless Possibilities

Unsplash, Allef Vinicius
Unsplash, Allef Vinicius

2017. A brand new year and a chance to start over. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and grab each day by the horns. I hope you give yourself second and third chances and allow yourself to hold onto the things that make you happy. I hope you never take your feet off the ground and jump head first into your dreams. Or at least try to.

I hope you meet someone who calls you lovely. Who looks at you like you’re the answer to what they’ve been asking. I hope this person loves you deeply and figures out how to make you smile when you’re depressed. I hope you explore life together and enjoy each experience with each other. I hope you aren’t afraid to show love, and I hope you don’t let go when you are meant to hold this person in your arms.

I hope you are able to face what you have lost and grow from the past. I hope that whatever has haunted you in 2016 now makes you feel stronger. I hope that you are able to say goodbye to loved ones who have gone and know that they are with you forever in your heart. I hope that God helps you overcome all of the loss you have experienced and guides you as you move forward.

I hope you look in the mirror and like what you see. I hope you admire yourself and embrace everything that makes you wonderful. I hope you learn about yourself and are pleased with what you find out. I hope you treat yourself with respect and make others treat you with respect as well. I hope you realize that you are beautiful, recognize your strength, and never limit yourself.

So this is what I hope for you in 2017: I hope you do well and feel well. I hope you read something that has an impact on you. I hope you dance and laugh with good friends. I hope you eat fantastic food. I hope you travel, near or afar, and feel differently afterward.

I hope you try to see the best in people and judge less. I hope you meet new people. I hope you spend time with family members and value them a lot more. I hope you create something — anything at all — and express yourself freely. I hope you excel in whatever it is you may do.

But overall, I hope that you truly give yourself a new beginning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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