61 People Confess What They Would Say To The Ex Who Was ‘The One That Got Away’

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

Sometimes “The One That Got Away” is that famous Katy Perry song that unconsciously plays in the background when you come across a rather happy photo of your ex, but most of the time it’s just the ex — that one person you could’ve and should’ve ended up with if it hadn’t been for a couple of bad decisions you both have made, or some force beyond your control a.k.a. fate. Basically they’re the ones we regret, in one way or another.

More often than not they disappear from our lives too quickly and just leaves us with this huge dump of unsaid things and a shitload of emotions to deal with. Here are sixty and one souls — different people, different cities, different faces with different stories, different ages, some young, some too young and some, well, not so young. All have one thing in common. They all have something to say to their one that got away. If it matters, a couple of them have been together in the past and are talking about the other. Care to guess who used to be with who? While some of them requested for their names to be changed, some didn’t. And one of them might actually be talking about you…

1. “My family misses you. Sometimes it feels like they’ve been with you longer than I have. I remember how my mom and my little brother literally cried when I told them we’ve decided to end things. They kinda miss you quite terribly. I miss you quite terribly too.”

— Sean, 20

2. “I wish I hadn’t pushed you away.”

— Sabbie, 19

3. “You are, by far, the best and the worst decision I’ve made.”

— Nina, 22

4. “I’m sorry we had to let each other go. We weren’t exactly the best couple, we had so many misunderstandings, so many differences, and I think it’s the universe telling us that we’re not made for each other. I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve cause you, and thank you for making me realize who I am, to become the person I am now.”

— Jake , 18

5. “Guess I should’ve swiped left?”

— Kim, 18

6. “After you left, I changed my best friend’s contact name to yours and asked her to text me good mornings and good nights every day. It went on for months. It was creepy hahaha but it helped me move on for some reason. I still miss you sometimes though.”

— Marie, 20

7. “I’m really sorry for scratching your car and telling your parents that I thought you were cheating. Turns out you weren’t….but I was. Just thought it takes one to know one. I’m really sorry.”

— Asha, 20

8. “Well you weren’t completely my TOTGA because we got back together after a couple of years but I was really stupid. I didn’t know what I was going to lose until you walked away from me. It was painful seeing you wrap your arms around him and kiss him along the halls and everyday in class. And when prom came, I’ve never seen anyone look so good in a dress and it broke me that I wasn’t your first and last dance that night. You and him, young love, in the most innocence of the phrase. And even now that we’re together again, it still kills me inside knowing you could have spent those little moments with me if I wasn’t such a dick.”

— Luke, 25

9. “I still miss you and I do think about you often but I definitely don’t want you back in my life. Au revoir, motherfucker!”

— Adrian, 23

10. “I always tell people that I never really liked or loved you. But truth is, I did and I still do. There’s just something about you that makes it hard to forget.”

— Aisha, 20

11. “No regrets. Thankful you’re the one I shared all my firsts with. Thank you for trusting me.”

— Sara, 22

12. “I really thought you’d say yes.”

— Gene, 24

13. “I’m getting married soon. My fiance doesn’t know about you and she doesn’t know that I still love you after all this years. But I hope you don’t come back anymore because I don’t want to end up leaving her.”

— Koko, 26

14. “I don’t really know. Sucks to think that all the years we’ve spent together are now just memories long gone. Was he worth it? Was he worth this? I sure damn hope he is. I wish you two all the happiness I can’t have.”

— Chris, 21

15. “It hurt when your friends had no idea I exist in your life. When we’re around other people it’s as if I’m nothing to you. You change the way you act and I don’t know, I just wish I was the prettier type or the kind of girl you can flaunt when you’re at parties and when you hang out with your buds. Cause I was never that kind of girl you know? I wish I wasn’t so embarrassing for you. I wish I was something you could be proud of.”

— Sam, 19

16. “I wish you weren’t 23 and married and I wish you had used a condom when you fucked my best friend years ago. Fuck you cause I still love you.”

— Alex, 22

17. “I would’ve said ‘I do’ if you ever asked.”

—Marga, 31

18. “I wish your parents weren’t so homophobic.”

— Albert, 20

19. “I don’t have a real life TOTGA thankfully, but okay, I wish you weren’t a fictional book character and I really wish you didn’t die. Also, fuck you Jojo Moyes and Suzanne Collins.”

— Janelle, 16

20. “Why are you still so good to me? I wasn’t ready, I left, I lied, I cheated, I fooled around when you gave me all your attention. So, why? It would’ve been easier to move on if you just became cold to me. I deserved it anyways.”

— Bill, 19

21. “I regret deleting your messages.”

— Sansa, 18

22. “You were a terrible, horrible, really bad kisser but I seriously remember you in every person I kiss and sleep with. I always secretly wish and imagined it was still you who I’d sleep with and wake up to the next day.”

— Xavier, 26

23. “It took me a while to make up my mind. It was March 18, 2014 when I flew to surprise you with flowers, a script of apologies and a poem in my head. You always loved my poems..but wow I was a week and two days late. You were already with someone then. I still mean that part where I said “I’d give up all my tomorrows if it meant reliving every single yesterday I spent with you.” 2016 and it still haunts me how you said you would have said yes if I arrived at your doorstep a week and three days earlier.”

— Dave, 23

24. “I really hope we bump into each other at the coffee shop where we first met. Just so I could gladly spill coffee all over you again. Fucking. Boiling. Coffee.”

— Soso, 20

25. “I hope you meet some other dude who will sweep you off your feet before I become stupid and selfish enough to ask you to come back and stay with me again. Please, please, just fall in love with someone else who isn’t me. I don’t deserve you.”

— Lorenzo, 22

26. “One of the worst things you can ever do to someone is cheat on them. I mean, it really sucks. I admit I’ve long forgiven you but I carry your mistake even when we’re no longer together. I’m with someone else now and every time I find myself tempted to cheat, I just remind myself of how bad it hurt me when you did. So thank you.”

— Ivan, 19

27. “When you left, I literally forgot who I was before we were together.”

— Mikee, 19

28. “The last time I called you wasn’t an accident. My brother pressing your contact or him wanting to talk to you was all some petty lie just to talk to you and hear your voice. I’m sorry I’m not the best at burning bridges. Guess you just meant more to me than I did to you.”

— Kyle, 17

29. “I don’t hate you anymore, but I still can’t forgive everything you’ve done to me. Sorry.”

— Winona, 21

30. “I’m still hoping that one day you’d call and tell me that you made a mistake and that you still love me.”

— Jean, 19

31. “Can we literally and figuratively sleep with each other one last time?”

— Andro, 24

32. “I still can’t believe how anyone could just throw all those years and memories away and make it look so easy.”

— Joseph, 19

33. “I really miss how you’d let me play with your hair a lot and how it almost always smells like cinnamon. Weird.”

— Tin, 17

34. “I knew you were cheating the entire time. And no, I don’t hate you. Not one bit.”

— Karen, 20

35. “I’ve been thinking about it since the day you left me and I don’t know, it’s been what, 2 years? I wish I knew or at least I wish you told me what I did wrong or where it all went wrong. It’s hard playing mind games with myself and thinking it was all my fault.”

— Harvey, 21

36. “I wish you never told me you loved when you knew in your heart that it was still her.”

— Kate, 20

37. “I’m sorry I never had the courage to tell you I was really into you.”

— Jonathan, 24

38. “I wish I met you when we were older and more err, I don’t know, mature, settled and decided? We were too young and innocent and we rushed things.”

— Josh, 18

39. “I wish you told me early on that you hate being attached and that you were incapable of committing and loving anyone.”

— Jao, 19

40. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be the person you’ve always wanted me to be. Sorry.”

— Elise, 19

41. “I have nothing against gays but fuck you, just fuck you for trying to win my friendship and affection just so you could get close to my brother.”

— Cara, 17

42. “I bought us floor tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concert but we never got to watch cause you broke up with me. It was almost a year’s worth of allowance but oh well, glad I watched it with my little sister instead. We both say konnichiwa. P.S. Saw that the guy you dated a week after we broke up bought you Lower Box tickets to Ed, cool cool.”

— AJ, 20

43. “When I started working here in Hong Kong I see your face almost everywhere. A lot of girls look like you. A lot.”

— Pen, 22

44. “I wish you were easier to forget than remember.”

— Amara, 20

45. “I hope you’ll be a million times happier than you were with me. I just really want you to be happy.”

— Say, 18

46. “I still love you even though you’re trying to convince everyone that you are now straighter than ever. Best of luck, dude, bro, man.”

— Jaime, 21

47. “I really thought I could find someone better. This has got to be the biggest mistake I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life.”

— Ally, 27

48. “As much as I hated you for leaving me, I’m thankful that you did because I never would’ve been able to. And if I didn’t? I wouldn’t have met her.”

— Jason, 19

49. “I just don’t want to say anything to her anymore.”

— William, 18

50. “Always remember to wake up at 7 am daily, to eat and never skip meals, to drink about 8 glasses of water a day and to sleep a full 8 hours, alright? I won’t be there to remind and take care of you everyday anymore.”

— Keira, 23

51. “I wish we didn’t start as friends with benefits.”

— Alec, 26

52. “I’m sorry for falling out of love with you when you never did anything wrong. I wish I knew how to reverse it when it was happening. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do and I feel so guilty until today.”

— Percy, 30

53. “We had 2 chances, love. We used to believe that we were destined for each other. But I guess this isn’t what the world wants for us. While the two of us were being happy, many people were also getting hurt. Thank you for giving us up for their happiness instead of ours. Thank you for minding their business instead of ours. Thank you for leaving me just because I can’t leave you, again. Do I love you? Yes. Can I still trust you? No. Hope you grow a dick to fight for what you want next time. Fuck you for leaving me empty.”

— Nico, 18

54. “I can’t stand the thought of someone else being with you and knowing you the way I do, and so much more. I can’t stand the thought of someone else holding your hands, tracing your back up and down like mine did. I can’t stand the thought of you loving someone else. I just can’t.”

— Jane, 29

55. “I know you faked all your orgasms. For the record, I did too. “

— Kev, 22

56. “You were once my home. I hope I was yours too.”

— Louise, 18

57. “The last thing you told me was “I love you, trust me I really do. I just need time to find myself. Please forgive me.” I was holding on to the possibility of you coming back but now I hope you just take it back and tell me you no longer love me. Please help me forget you cause I really want to. Please.”

— Stella, 24

58. “I should’ve told you what you meant to me.”

— Ethan, 19

59. “Did you ever really love me?”

— Renee, 22

60. “If you ever come back this instant, or 4 minutes from now, 3 months, 2 years later, I’d leave everything and everyone behind and just run away with you if you wanted me to. I won’t ever let you get away from me ever again. And oh, I still really love you.”

— Christopher, 19

61. “I love you. Thank you for coming back.”

— Karenina, 28

So, if you had one chance, what would you say to the one that got away? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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