5 Body Language Signals That Clearly Communicate His Feelings For You

Flickr / Katie Tegtmeyer
Flickr / Katie Tegtmeyer

When an attractive guy walks into the room, I can’t help but make eye contact. There’s just something about the way he moves (not to mention his sexy-and-I-know-it smirk) that automatically draws you in. While a lot of it has to do with the complete confidence he gives off, it’s mainly because of his body language.

Most people don’t realize that body language plays a major role in their dating game. It’s a fact: Your date’s facial expressions and overall posture will tell you a lot more about how they’re feeling than words ever could.

Trust me. If you spend the same amount of time focusing on his voice as you do on what he’s saying, you’d definitely be able to tell whether or not he’s a total dud before the check comes.
Still not convinced? The Business Insider mentions some pretty tell-tale clues for reading people’s body language. Here’s how you can tell he’s only there for the food:

1. If he looks into your eyes for way too long, he’s probably playing you.

You can also figure out just how interested (or completely bored) he is by how much eye contact he makes. If he looks like he’s about to throw the table and make a sweet escape the longer you speak, stop what you’re doing and run away.

2. Check out his eyebrow game.

If he constantly raises his eyebrows to the point that they look like they’re in danger of falling off, he’s not interested. Also, that’s just creepy, no?

3. His arms are crossed. The. Whole. Time.

If he can’t even seem to relax now, when you’re not dating yet, how do you think it’ll be when you are in a relationship? That’s an automatic deal breaker.

4. His legs can’t stop shaking.

Either he’s super-nervous or he’s hiding something from you.

5. You made a joke but you’re the only one that’s laughing.

He’s not looking to impress you so he doesn’t see the point in forcing a laugh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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