Right Swipe

It started with a right swipe, a little green heart.

Tinder of course.

He said I was beautiful.

We exchanged a few more words.

Became Facebook friends.

Got the digits.

Conversation was flowing.

He was a sweetheart.

We went on our first date.

Grabbed dinner, went to a haunted house took pictures together, held hands kissed.

He said he felt like he knew me for a long time.

We continued to talk and went on a few more dates.

He helped get me an interview with his company.

I got the gig.!

He was excited we could see each other everyday.

As was I.

We had a lot in common, He was smart and he liked that I was smart too.

He said it was “refreshing”.

Earlier I had

It was a lovely night, we worked out together had dinner, went to his house.

I met his parents.

We had did “it”

And he did something no other man had done.

We cuddled.

He Took me home.

The next day he was quieter then usual.

I asked how he felt about us.

Wanted to see what page we were both on.

He said he liked me and he has fun with me.

He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship.

Funny how his tune and attitude changed after he got what he wanted.

He’s been cold ever since.

And now we have to work together and see other everyday starting next week. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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