What Matters The Most

What matters when it’s all said and done? What truly matters? That we chose love when we could have chosen fear? That we picked up the pieces of trash when no one was looking? That we held the door for our neighbor even if it added a few minutes to our commute? That we spoke every lick of truth from our hearts? Even when we were scared? Scared to run into the unknown? Even though we knew it to be the field of possibility?

What matters most? That we held every single human around us in the energy of compassion? Releasing ourselves from any ounce of victim consciousness? That we listened to the guidance of our own intuitions? And needed no other evidence or explanation to follow it?

That we said the hard thing? That we were present for those around us? That we didn’t overstay our visit? That we trusted energy more than words? That we trusted in something greater than ourselves? And saw the screenplay of our lives as scenes happening for us?

That we lived in integrity with our hearts above all? And ate chocolate for lunch if that’s what our body craved? That we showed up for the little things? The sweet moments where the two of you drop everything and embrace? That you feel the connection of all between the connection of you two?

That we listened to the shifting of seasons? And placed our hands on the ground and felt the pulse of something greater? And allowed ourselves to feel it all? That we asked mama ocean to speak to us? And saw every moment as the medicine that we needed?

That we chose to speak our desires and yet didn’t get attached? That we loved big? In all of the ways? Even when it was scary to open? That we lived with backpacks of curiosity and awe and wonder? And always, always, always embraced the unfoldings of any given day?

I will let my heart rest here. On these questions leading to more questions. I will let my heart rest here. In the recognition of life as a stream of questions we try to answer. As a masterpiece we try to understand. Mystery leading to just enough clarity to anchor into the next question. The next unknown, all leading us home into the medicine that we were destined to be. Destined to be together.

Destined to walk side by side. Hand in hand. Right now. To be present for these musings. To get off the airplane headed for the land of tomorrows and get off at the stop sign. Barefoot. Moving step by step. Seeing the birds. Seeing the trees. Hearing the breeze and the pulse of our own hearts.

But what is life if we aren’t present for its juiciness? What is life if we are so worried about the who’s and what’s of the world of tomorrows, only to come to find that today holds the treasure? That this moment now is worth a million pieces of gold. And everything, everything, everything in Divine order.

Can you rest your heart here with mine? Can you trust in your opening? Your reckoning? In our opening? In our reckoning? I can smell it. Taste it. Feel it. I say let’s tuck our fears into bed and let our present wings and hearts take this flight. I trust in now. In this moment. In you and me. I trust in our wings. And the questions that give us flight.