What If We Just Allowed The Story To Happen?

Sometimes, I think we get lost. We start wandering into a forest and think that we know how it’s going to go. We think we know what each little stop on the trail to the top may look like. And it’s okay. Because the only way we are able to step foot onto the trail is because we have some sort of feeling or experience around how we think it’s going to go. Which allows the trust to feed the courage to take a step forward and begin on the trail.

But it never goes the way we expected it to. It never does. We meet different people along the way, we veer off onto different paths. We stay longer than expected. Sometimes we trip. Sometimes we don’t make it to the top, and sometimes ‘the top’ is just defined differently. It rains. The clouds come and go. We learn lessons along the way, but the picture is never painted how we expected the picture to be painted.

Each story has its own way of wanting to be worked out. Each story has its own way of unfolding. And the only problem lies in our attachment to how we thought the story was going to go. To how we thought the trail was going to look.

We hold on, we tighten our grip, to how the relationship was ‘supposed’ to go – to how the path was ‘supposed’ to look – how the trip, the experience, the meal, the conversation {insert anything here!} was ‘supposed’ to go…

And then, we hold on. We hold on to how we hoped the story was going to go. And in our attempt of holding on to what we hoped to be, we lose touch with what is truly trying to unfold and happen and occur in our lives. We lose sight of the true beauty around us. Of the true beauty of the story that is trying to unfold.

I like to think of each story, each experience, each relationship, as the potential to be a butterfly. With wings that provide flight, and love, and lessons, and deeper knowledge and understanding. But oftentimes we put mud on these wings. This mud that simply comes from the expectation we have of how we thought this butterfly would look, and what we thought it would do for us.

What if we allowed?

What if we allowed ourselves to honor and emote and release what we thought was going to transpire?

And what if this process then created the space for us to see the beauty of what is really happening?

Of how the story is meant to be?

It’s hard, I know. It’s hard. To accept what was. To be with what is. And to allow for whatever is meant to unfold, to unfold. But there is a story that is waiting for you to see it from the lens of the magic that it wants to be.

I don’t know about you, but right now in my life, I feel like I’ve been put on an entirely new trail, with an entirely new landscape. I look back on my last year of life and I think WOAH. Everything as I knew it shifted. I looked at my relationships to all of the relationships I have in life – money, friends, family, alcohol, food, well being, self-love…all of it. I peered into all of the rooms and nooks and crannies and I got real with myself about how I was showing up and who I was being. I released attachments to anything that felt heavy. Anything that felt burdensome. And I had NO idea that this year would bring this much change. But let me tell you, it feels right.

And I walk into tomorrow not knowing where the wind is going to take me, but knowing that the wind + my intuition are my compass. Knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be, even when the trail hasn’t quite revealed itself yet. Just one step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

I hope you feel this, too. I hope you look back on your last year of life not from the lens of regret or ‘shoulda woulda coulda’ but from the lens of celebration. Of growth. Of understanding. Of feeling like you’ve learned a little more about yourself and how you want to show up in this moment of now.

I will let you in on a little secret that often times we focus so much on what we DON’T want, that we forget to actually focus on what we DO want.

What is it that you want?

What is it that you need to release + accept in order to focus on what you want?

You’ve got this. I promise. The forest that is trying to grow beneath your feet is more beautiful than what you could imagine. The only question is- how much are you willing to allow it all to be?

Wordsmith of love.

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