You Get To Decide Who You’re Going To Be

love, love is the thing – the vibration of choosing your heart, of saying the thing in service of your most empowered self

and somehow, somewhere, for some time, this gets lost and forgotten and replaced with words we feel we’re meant to say – and ways we feel we’re meant to be

and somehow, somewhere, for some time, we harden and think this makes us look stronger and better to others, that this will help us get there, but where we get is lost down a road with someone else’s name on it


but unable to share that we feel these things, because that will make us feel “soft” and “tender” to the world

too honest
too open
too sensitive

but the best things in life are the soft things, those cozy sweaters you can’t take off, those feather pillows you bury your whole existence into, the cats, the dogs, the hammocks, the couches, the tenderness of the grass on your toes, those fuzzy socks you put on after a day of skiing

so tell me – whisper in my ears with your soft lips
where in your life can you soften?
the corners of your mouth?
the boundaries of your heart?

i am a sensitive being and you are too and somewhere along the road in life we’re taught that sensitive means weak, less than, lower. That sensitive means powerless and that it means that you’re needy

but what i’ve come to realize is that we are all these pure beautiful magnificent masterpieces. these pure loving energetic forces. and we are affected by and impacted by our surroundings. by the energy around us and the energy that we choose to put within us. that the people around us have a direct impact on us. energy to energy.

and if we surround ourselves with energies that are draining complaining and negative, we begin to embody and match this vibration, and we become drained, complained and negative and emulate these qualities.

and then, we get used to it, and get something from it.

a part of our identity – we connect with that group of people from that place – but the only thing that links us is that negative energy

same thing goes for our foods we put into our bodies, the environments we live and work in

every single droplet of energy impacts us and weighs on us

and also has the ability to EMPOWER us and ELEVATE us if we choose to own and recognize our softness, our tenderness, our needs to be held sometimes

so, this one is for YOU –
you light leader,
you love guide,

you authentically empowered soul owning your life and your gifts and sharing with your heart wide open, voice shaking, taking it brick by brick, step by step, and choosing to listen to your heart. to answer the call. to pick up your pen. and begin.

this one is for YOU –
you light leader,
you love guide,

who doesn’t stop there. who finds the power of this moment. who finds the magic in the mundane. who believes that everything is happening for you. that each experience and win and loss and everything in between is Divine

this one is for you,
because it is a choice,
moment after moment after moment
to be brave enough to be yourself

in a world that wants you to be everyone else. it is a choice, to peel back the layers of distance between your heart and the world, and to show up for yourself, time and time again, with tenderness, surrender, love and forgiveness. it is a choice. to own your life. to put down the shields and pick up your heart. time after time after time. i see you. i honor you. i love you. it is a choice. what do you choose?

Wordsmith of love.

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