Reminder: Do Not Limit Yourself

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Do not limit yourself. Do you hear me? Do not label yourself and put yourself in a box. Do not keep yourself small when you want to play big. You are not just a person working a job in this world waiting to check all of the boxes.

You are the wind, you are the rain, you are the cracks in the sidewalk, you are the radiance from the sunshine, you are the dirt, you are the glass on the building, you are the flowers blooming.

You are not just a man. Not just a woman. You are not just a worker wearing a suit going to work to prepare for the rest of your life.

You are the whisper of this present moment.

You are the smile in your neighbors face.

You are the grit in your journey.

You are deep.

You are pure.

You are vast.

You are more than two dimensional.

You are limitless potential, do you hear me? You are everything you think you aren’t and more. Do not for one more second put yourself in a box. Do not for one second allow the story of how you thought your life would be to ruin what is meant to be taking shape. Let go of what the next page in your story looks like and be here right now for this page. For this moment. Let the wind guide you to where you’re meant to be. Let the true nature of your heart take you.

Do not limit yourself. Do you hear me? Do not let fear take the driver’s seat. Do not let fear take over life. Please, just trust me, let go. Be here. Be here for your life. You are everything you didn’t know and more and you have just started. You have just begun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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