The Truth Is We’re Not Meant To Walk Alone

Jon Chambers / Unsplash

We’ve made life so complicated and complex, but if you bring it back to basics and simplify it, we’re here to figure out what we love and what we’re passionate about and fill our days doing those things.

We’re here to love. Love ourselves, love each other, love our communities, and connect with each other.

We’re here to grow our perspectives, to contribute to our direct world in the capacity that feels right.

We’re not meant to live lives outside of what we know is right for ourselves, yet we get so far away from that.

We get so far from source, so distracted from what makes us feel alive, so far from what we know is right for us, so caught up in material goods, so caught up in the game of life, so caught up in caring what other people think, caught up in this wheel of seeking things that don’t matter.

And it’s this wheel that keeps us in cycles, stuck in patterns that we know don’t serve us, stuck forgetting that we are here to dance in the journey of figuring out what makes us feel alive.

So remember that as you navigate your days, weeks, months, lives. Remember that this world is one large playground. And it is your duty to find out if you prefer to swing on the monkey bars or to play in the sandbox.

And in order to find this out, you have to explore.

You have to engage and participate and play. And allow your feet to surrender and sink into this earth and your fingertips connect with the stars above. And as you find the things that make your heart beat and your sparkle shine, you have to spend more time there. You have to create the space for those things, with those people, because it is no accident that your body lights up when you paint. It is no accident that love to organize spaces, that you love to dance to reggae music. It is no accident that you feel most alive when you’re sharing lessons and teaching others. These are all little clues of what we’re meant to be doing.

Go there. Tap in. Own it and share it. TC mark


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