Some Days You Collect Raindrops And Other Days You Scatter Sunshine

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It’s a funny dance, this life. One minute you’re feeling the golden hue internally and dancing in your own sunshine. Some days, you are so abundant in gratitude and everything you touch turns to gold.

And then the dance shifts. And suddenly you can’t quite find the rhythm of what used to come as natural to you. You can’t quite find your feet and don’t know which foot to put forward, and might even forget what your feet look like. Maybe you can’t even stand. But you play with the dirt. And the grit. On the ground. And you learn something about yourself. Something that helps you believe you can stand again. Something that gives you hope. And you find your footing, slowly. And you begin to walk. A little more proud. A little more aware. And you meet other humans who are in this same dance. And you dance together. A new dance. A new you.

And then you stumble. Just a little. You get back in the grit. Back in the dirt. But this time, it’s different. Because you’ve been here before. You know you will dance again. You may not fully believe it, but you know you’ve done it before so you will do it again. You just know. So you allow yourself to feel. You allow yourself to play in the dirt. And learn. More about you and what you need and what stories you’ve been living and how your childhood directly affects you and who you want around you and how you impact people.

You collect raindrops.

And this time, it’s different. And when you dance again, you bust loose. The sunshine radiates from every cell of your body and skin. And you shine. And make everyone in your path brighter than before. You leave glitter in your glow.

You scatter sunshine.

And you know you’ll be back, in the grit, you know you’ll be back in the raindrops, but you see it now.

You need the rain to clear up space for the sun to shine. You see it.

It’s all part of the dance.

But you have to be willing to do the work, you have to get gritty. You have to walk away from what’s comfortable. From what’s safe and keeping you in your box.

You have to punch fear in the face.

Every day.

But it’s worth it, oh it’s worth it.

Some days, you scatter sunshine.

other days, you collect raindrops.

And that’s the dance of life. TC mark


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