I Want To Thank You For Your Love

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I want to thank you for your love. For your heart. For wildy accepting me in all of my colors. For giving me space to fully be seen as me. As the wild crazy one who shakes her tits at the world in one minute and dives into talking about our purpose in this lifetime in the next.

Thank you for your tender heart and sweet gaze and quick mind. Thank you for being that safe space for me to fully open in love, in ways I was too afraid to before. Yes, I miss you. I miss being able to call you and hear your voice. I miss sending songs back-and-forth and having you pop into my head all day. I miss my body laced into yours. And our constant vulnerable conversations about ourselves. All the little things that make us, us. I miss the laughter and deep belly foghorns because all of these, all of these moments, are the sweet moments. These are the moments weโ€™re here for. These moments of love, this dance, to show up in all of our light and all of our dark and be radically accepted there. And to have space in between for deeper self-discovery to reveal all of our colors. Every single drop.

So, thank you. Thank you for holding my heart in the most tender way. Thank you for allowing me to fully open and for letting me love you. Thank you for showing up and always speaking your truth. And thank you to both of us to allow the space for this to naturally fizzle. To naturally dissolve. We walked each other to the spaces we were meant to and we let go. We held up mirrors to each other for deeper understanding ourselves and we let go. We released layers of ourselves and opened our hearts and we let go.

We let go because we knew that as rich as this lusty love was, that it was time. That just because it was beautiful and just because we had an affinity and connection toward each other, that our time had come. We let go. We let be. And I am deeply appreciative of this. I hope youโ€™re out there flying somewhere beautiful in this world looking into the mirror every day knowing just how capable you are of the life you dream, knowing just how capable and beautiful and powerful you are. In all of your colors. TC mark


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