I Don’t Give A Shit About The Money You Make, I Care About Who You Are

carefree woman on beach
Twenty20 / @tiffanythere

We’ve put so much focus on status and power by way of numbers. We measure talent and skill and accomplishment based on salaries and the number of coins in our bank account. We put humans on pedestals who have a shit ton of followers and likes and comments. Like they’re above others. Like they’re unreachable, adding layers of status. Creating the mindset that our lives aren’t enough, like we wish we were there doing those things and living that life. And no, this isn’t a knock at ‘them,’ it’s a knock at what the system makes us believe within these numbers.

Compare. Compare. Compare. Dream. Dream. Dream.

Stuck. On stair one. On step one. Stuck chasing higher salaries, and more material things with richer brand names. More followers. Never feeling enough. Always wanting the next thing always craving more.

I say fuck that number system.

I want to know how many beats per minute your heart feels when it’s in love or doing something that brings it pure joy, I want to know how many people you smiled at today. I don’t care how many vacation homes you have or what car you drive or how many numbers you have in your bank account, I care about the numbers that make up your heart and soul.

I want to know what your heart skips a beat over and how many hours you’ve spent dedicated to your craft. Your passion. Your vehicle of service. And how many moments you’ve lost faith and wanted to give up. I want to know how many hours you’ve spent alone with yourself, dancing in the cosmos and makeup of your own soul, discovering the universe within. Unpacking the stories you’ve been telling yourself your whole life.

I want to know how many times you’ve danced without giving a shit of what people thought of you. How many times it took you to learn a lesson. How many so-called fuck ups you’ve had only to lead you to that moment of pure bliss where everything makes sense and connects.

I want to know those numbers. Every little morsel that makes you YOU because there is no one else walking this earth who is you and I am fascinated by how uniquely individual you are. I want to know these numbers. I want to know these things.

I want to know you. TC mark


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