Fill Yourself Up With Your Own Love

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Everything is either love or lack of love. Love or lack. And when there is that lack of love, we try to fill the void with shit we think will bring us that love. Things outside of ourselves. Buying new clothes, going out and boozing, dating people, buying houses, eating comforting foods, clinging on to friends, going on trips. And not that any of these things are wrong or bad, but when our intention of doing these things is rooted in the next โ€˜thingโ€™ being the thing that fills up our love bucket, we will never be content, joy will not naturally pulse within, we will continue to chase these temporary states of happiness only for it to subside time and time again.

What if we stopped chasing these external things and started chasing the beat of our own hearts? This is what truly heals us and leads us to become our own source of light. If we allowed ourselves to feel exactly what it is that we feel, to not resist what comes up for us when we stop chasing, when we stop moving, when we stop clinging on to the next thing, then we begin to tune in to this insane insatiable infinite divine power within.

We must allow ourselves to see where we are lacking love and why. To have these conversations with ourselves. To contemplate and start to understand our own stories, and how our childhoods have shaped us. How the people who have raised us have taught us to view the world. And why we believe what we believe. How our past relationships have impacted us. We spend so much time listening to other peoples stories on TV but we must spend time with our own stories. And start to understand why it is that we feel the way we feel and when this feeling started and why. And start to view our stories as this beautiful collection of feelings and experiences and opportunities to really tune in and get to know ourselves.

Letโ€™s allow our external world to be our playground and allow our internal world to be our life source of true contentment. We are fucking powerful and capable beyond the limitations of our minds. We are the main character of our own stories. Itโ€™s time we stop giving our power away to these external temporary things and start to surrendering to our power within.ย TC mark


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