Do Me A Favor And Write A Love Letter To Yourself

Mikail Duran / Unsplash

Write a love letter to yourself.

Write down all of the things you’re proud of

All of the things you’ve accomplished

All of the qualities that you emanate daily

All of the things that you have now that you once wanted

All of the hardships you’ve sailed through

All of the doubts you’ve turned into clarity.

Recognize the layers within that you’ve revealed and healed. Recognize the person that you are today, right here, right now, in this moment and recognize all of the ways you’ve grown and changed and become this beautiful being.

Write a love letter to yourself and fall in love with your own story.

Fall in love with those little moments, those seemingly insignificant blinks of time and choices and decisions you’ve made. Those moments where you said yes instead of no, those moments where you listened to that voice within and leaned into the unknown, those moments where you spoke your truth even when you voice shook, those moments where you stood proud in your boundaries even when you were scared, those leaps you took even though you had no clue in the world where you were going to land or if you ever were going to land.

For all of these moments, for all of these things have created your life. Fall in love with your own story. Fall in love with every single thing that has led you to where you are in this moment right here right now.

Just put pen to paper. Set a timer for six minutes and free write and allow yourself to uncover the jewels of love within your own story. Write a love letter to yourself and let the pen dance in the magic of all that you are – this living, breathing, learning, magical, being just trying to understand this thing called life. TC mark

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