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9 Cities That Will Redefine Your Youth

New York, USA. This is one vicious city. It is mean, it is energetic, it is fast and it will plunge you deep to the way the real world is. New York is often considered the “Crossroads of the World. New York is a combination of several elements from art, to culture, to cuisine and business.

The Highs And Lows Of Being Productive In 2017

But you can only try and attain so much when you are willing to fail. Successful people are great at taking risks. They are willing to learn from it and take action against it. You should be willing to fail if you want to be more productive.

7 Career Goals To Get 2017 Started On A High

Yes there is nothing as ugly as being stuck to a dead-end job where there is no excitement or fun whether you’re self-employed or working for the man. It is sickening to live simply for the paycheck. Perhaps you need to shop for another job or even create one for yourself.

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