6 Surprising Ways Social Media Can Help You Reach Your Life Goals

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Goals are important to growth and success. People spend at least an hour on social media daily. This means that social media has a key impact on our development and progress as individuals. But most times we are only offered the picture of how social media and networking sites saps our time and productivity. People do not seem to recognize the strengths of social media too. They don’t seem to appreciate that social media can affect our lives positively such as when it comes to accomplishing goals and eliminating bad habits. Rekindling and fostering relationships are made easier via social media. How many people have fallen in love and become couples over social media? So when it comes to aiming for goals and attaining them, here are 6 interesting ways social media affects your goals in life.

1. Getting appreciated for your effort, at least socially

There is nothing as cool as being recognized for the wonderful accomplishments you are already making in life. No doubt we all need cheerleaders and persons who would see us for the many things we can do. Let the world see how great you are hitting your goals and applaud you for it. It doesn’t have to be the big goals, even the small goals can be shared socially and certainly your virtual friends will be proud to be associated with you. Who doesn’t feel good when they see likes and positive comments to their accomplishments?

2. Be fun and adventurous

Life is too short not to catch up on the gossips and friendliness associated with social media. It feels good to live an exciting life. Hashtag that experience and keep it for a lifetime, something you could share with your kids or your older self. You have a different outlook on life when you can be joyful and positive about life. Social media conquers boredom and it can also be fun also.

3. Start a business and do great with it

In this article on Tai Lopez, he explains how social media was his primary source of traffic when he first started. He even stated that snapchat and Instagram are becoming the two most important social media platforms for entrepreneurs. Tai Lopez used the traction from his social media efforts to launch his own successful business and 67 steps program which teaches budding entrepreneurs how to set up their own businesses.

A social media page could be all you need to start that business idea you’ve always had. Unlike in the past, technology has made the process faster and easier to achieve your business goals.

4. Being accountable for your goals

Letting others aware about your goals make you more accountable to them. Whether they are business goals like improving the sale of info products or fitness goals like visiting the gym more times, sharing your goals on Facebook, Twitter will have you more responsible for reaching them.

5. Network smarter

Reach out to more people, listen and associate with persons in the virtual world who will help you attain your goals. Through interesting connections, social media helps you network smarter. These connections could help you brainstorm or stay motivated while you reach for your goals.

6. Be encouraged and inspired

While people would say that social media keeps you distracted and unproductive, you can actually be inspired and encouraged on social media. Whether it is through reading more books and connecting with those who have the same personal goals as you, social media provides a platform for you to have better interactions. Yes, we all need things to fuel our desire for greatness and social media may be what gives this to us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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