7 Reasons Why You Are Already Perfect Just The Way You Are


Perfection. A simple word that describes an unattainable state. The true definition of the word states that perfection is the process of improving something until it is faultless. Somehow, all of us feel that the world requires us to be perfect and that getting there is simply impossible often resulting in feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.

Lift your chin, darling. You are already perfect just the way you are. You are perfectly you and nobody in the world can be a better you than you. You are unique in every way and imperfection is what makes us human. Are you imperfect? Then you are perfectly human! Everything you need to become the best possible version of yourself is already inside of you. You can achieve greatness by being yourself.

1. You strive to perfection and greatness

The very fact that you are reading this is proof that you want to become a better version of yourself and that you are willing to work for it. Knowing that you want to be great at somethings is the first step of getting there. Remember that each person has their own definition of greatness. To some, it means getting their names written in history books, others have a number attached to their bank balance as a definition. To some people, greatness is about being a good parent or a happy person. Whatever you want to achieve is possible if you know what you want to do and you are willing to work for it.

2. You have big dreams

Having big dreams is the first step of achieving greatness. Breaking big dreams down into small achievable steps is how you achieve greatness. I’ve known a person who’ve always dreamt of starting their own business but the dream always just seemed too big to chase. When she lost her job she realized that either she start with small steps immediately or wave her dreams goodbye forever. She started her handmade jewelry and craft business with a Zoro tools coupon code, $100 borrowed from a friend and a few bits and pieces of scrap craft materials. With a dream, a cheap rotary tool kit and hours of work she took the first great step. Since then, she’s really made a name for herself and achieved greatness because she had a dream and the guts to take the first step. You have a dream. Now dare to take the first small steps to greatness.

3. You have failed

Possibly one of the greatest assets to success and greatness is failure. Yes, you have read correctly. Failure is not the opposite of success but powerful part of the process of succeeding. The gift of failure is learning. Failing means learning how to do things better and learning how strong you really are. Besides, sometimes failure actually means success. Slinkies, pacemakers and chocolate chip cookies all exist because of failed projects. You have failed a few times before, haven’t you? It’s not a happy place to be but failing is where you learn your true power.

4. You watch the world go by

With social media, we see more of the world and about other people than any of the generations before us. Watching the world means learning, remodeling your thoughts and being surrounded by new ideas. If you want to achieve greatness, observing the world can help you find better ways of doing things, it can help you avoid the mistakes of others and help you realize the impact of the things you do. You have a Facebook account, right? How can your perfect imperfections make the world a better place? Watch the world with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and get ready to be amazed.

5. You have the ability to be happy

Happiness is the ultimate definition of success. Whatever greatness means to you, one of the greatest driving forces behind it is to be happy, right? Even though people have the tendency to wait for happiness and chase goals to achieve it, learning to be happy right now, with what you have, is immensely rewarding. Focus on the small things around you that make you happy and do so continuously. In a short while, you’ll realize that you are already a happier person. As an added bonus, happiness will help you focus and work harder for your goals and thereby achieving them faster and easier.

6. You believe in yourself

You know that you will be awesome at being great, right? If you didn’t think that you would enjoy it, you wouldn’t dream about greatness. Only thing is, we sometimes don’t really believe that we are capable of achieving greatness before we will be awesome at being great. That simply doesn’t make sense, does it? If you can be amazing at doing something, you can do what it takes to get there. You better start believing that you can achieve greatness and if you still aren’t sure, fake it until you make it. Start doing small things that you can do and celebrate your successes. You really can achieve greatness.

7. You have a choice

You always have a choice. Sometimes choices aren’t easy but making a choice and sticking to it is the only way to get somewhere. If you refuse to choose, you’ll get nowhere. It’s been said that roads are paved with indecisive squirrels. You can choose to be imperfect and unworthy and stay where you are forever or you can choose not to make a choice and hang in the middle somewhere forever. But if you plan to achieve greatness, choose to be perfectly you, choose to be imperfectly human and choose to be on your way to greatness. You already have it in you.

You are already perfect just the way you are and you already have all you need to achieve greatness. Quit chasing the world’s impossible idea of perfection and start creating your own. You are already perfect and you are already on your way to greatness. It’s time you start believing it. Go on perfect soldier! Start building your own definitions of perfection and greatness and enjoy the journey to your own greatness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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