The Highs And Lows Of Being Productive In 2017

  Derick Anies
Derick Anies

We live in an age when productivity is a key to being successful. There is so much to do in less time. Competition is stiff for millennials and Gen Z so why pursue things that won’t propel you toward your goals.

Of course there are apps that could make you more productive, and there are habits that could help you attain success faster. But it is up to you to make the right choices and decisions that will help you discover the beauty of working smarter.

Eliminate toxic people

One of the highs of becoming productive is knowing those persons you should be spending your valuable time with. You shouldn’t be wasting valuable time with toxic people who don’t see you going that far. Such persons can be stumbling blocks to helping you achieve your goals. Attain more by eliminating such nuisances from your life!

Not setting goals

One of the lows of being productive is not setting goals. Successful people take the first step toward their desires by setting and writing down their goals. You just don’t simply dream, you take action by taking the first step. Be clear about what you want and stay focused all the way.

Don’t act cheap

The word “cheap” can be relative in certain cases. But if you want to be successful, you can afford to be cheap. Success means you can know those things that are not worth it and those things that are worth it. You have to set standards or a bar that will filter the process and get you to where you should be faster.

Practice the unconventional

Talent and hard work are over rated. If you are smart you would be able to find strategy and create a pathway to success without damaging your health or relationships. So be unconventional and think outside the box to attain those things you want.

Be organized

You can only be productive when you are organized and clear about what you need to do at the right time. There is no point overwhelming yourself with so many activities all at once. Every day you plan your activities, be sure about those things that are important and urgent and handle them accordingly.

Be happy

If your mental health is messed up, you won’t really attach much. You could read through so many articles and still don’t get it right. So maintain the right attitude by being happy and staying positive. Take care of your mental health and protect yourself from the wrong crowd.

Be willing to fail

A downside to productive is trying to attain perfection. We don’t want to take action unless we have perfect reasons to. But you can only try and attain so much when you are willing to fail. Successful people are great at taking risks. They are willing to learn from it and take action against it.

You should be willing to fail if you want to be more productive. According to former CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson, the more you fail the more likely you will attain success. If you want to be more productive in 2017, you shouldn’t fret about failure. Rather you should fret about not taking action.

Don’t procrastinate

You won’t accomplish much if you keep on procstinating and delaying action. Procrastination is a thief of time. Successful people beat procrastination and push for success regardless of the odds stacked against them.


Productivity is essential to attaining success. Life is short, the best way to make the most out of it is by using time and energy effectively. You should be willing to go all the way in 2017 and be high on productivity.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Casey Imafidon is a full time writer and has been featured on Inc, Elitedaily, Addicted2success and numerous other blogs.

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