11 Things I Learned From Dating A Blogger


Yes it is important to date someone who is busy and doing something productive. It is totally unnecessary to date someone who doesn’t know what they want to do with their life. Well, this can be subjective though. What matters though is that you have great company with who you are dating.

Yes you could want to date a veterinary doctor, a banker, a teacher… yes who you date and what they do can impact on you.

Dating a blogger meant something though for me. Top digital marketer and blogger, Neil Patel, says in his guide to successful blogging – “A blog can serve as the foundation for just about anything you want — a personal brand, an enterprise level business, a multi-million dollar content provider or a startup. A blog is super important.”

So you have to deal with certain truths when you are dating a blogger and here are some things you learn along the way.

1. They instill some confidence in you. It takes knowledge and intelligence to blog about anything. This is why most bloggers tend to have a strong sense of self and can be highly motivated. And they could instill or infect you with this quality which matters if you want to attain some personal goals too.

2. They would let the world know about how great your relationship is. They don’t keep so much to themselves, if they are grieved they would share their opinion on the internet. If they are happy they would also let the world know about it. It is great to keep a blogger happy and they could share such excitement you have infused into the relationship on the internet.

3. Yes there are passes to events and new locations. It is wrong to simply think that bloggers spend all their time on their PCs. They do go to events and new locations. Most times when they do these they have free passes and would be happy to take you along.

4. You would know what they can tolerate and not tolerate. If you want to know more about a blogger, you can simply read their posts because certainly they must have blogged about those things they like and those things they don’t like.

5. They will help improve your photography skills. Whether it is editing or picking a photo or taking your selfie, having a blogger around helps you appreciate images and why you should add beauty to words.

6. There is something about deadlines. They always want to get out new stuff, yes they would focus on updating their blog rather than tackling the dishes and dressing nice. They have self-imposed deadlines and you just have to appreciate such work ethic. Yes some things you have to understand in the relationship.

7. They can be extremely jealous of other bloggers. They feel they are the best blogger and would want you to be their number one fan. While they may be concerned about competition, they always want you to appreciate them as the better blogger.

8. There is something about coffee. I had to learn how to prepare coffee and make my partner comfortable because coffee is a blogger’s thing. They just can’t have enough of it.

9. They have a way with words. Yes they can spin words and make you soothed by it. So yes, expect those long text messages that can appear like an essay.

10. You would know if they are cheating on you or not. While they may be too busy with work, there is always that anxiety you have to deal with when you think they are cheating on you or not. But the truth is that if a blogger you will quickly find out just by reading their recent posts.

11. They are pretty comfortable. While they may be making so much money, they always learn to adopt a comfortable lifestyle and are not lavish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Casey Imafidon is a full time writer and has been featured on Inc, Elitedaily, Addicted2success and numerous other blogs.

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