6 Super Helpful Apps To Boost Your Productivity

As a millennial I was born and grew to meet a technological boom. This means that life is meant to be easier and work needs to be accomplished faster, right? We don’t need to wait “ages” to send a mail when we can send it electronically within seconds.

If you want to succeed and work efficiently, you need to tap into the many resources that are available to you. Here are six pretty cool apps that can boost your productivity.


When you have so many accounts on the internet to log into, you really do need an app that could help you remember them. There is such little time to remember all these passwords. What 1password does for you is to create a secure password for your various accounts and remembers them so you don’t have to be fussed about those digits, words and punctuations. Now you don’t have to keep a pad of paper with passwords, just get 1password!


Why I love airtame is the flexibility it provides. While it is a palm-sized wireless HDMI device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector, you do need an app so you can stream your content to the screen from any major computer platform, tablet, or smartphone.

When you connect the Airtame to a WiFi network, everyone can connect to the Airtame too. That is pretty cool because now you can work and collaborate better with others even in a multiplatform environment. With airtame you have a clever device that meets your wireless streaming needs!

Now your meetings do not need to be physically tied up by cables or waste time setting things up or spend time on unnecessary IT support.


If you are a sports lover then you need Stubhub to grab tickets to any game in your area. With stubhub you can redeem your tickets and even sell via the app. Stubhub saves you some bucks if you are trying to buy or sell those last-minute tickets.


What instacart does for you is to save you the time in a crowded store. Yes you can be overwhelmed with grocery shopping. But Instacart can go to your favorite store, pick up your items and deliver them to your place. Isn’t that cool right? Don’t worry about not getting the right product or item you desire, Instacart uses “trained shoppers” to accomplish the goal of getting you the best produce and grocery.


With humin you can have a tool that remembers all the tiny details about where and how you met someone. You will be able to search through contacts by using phrases “person I met last week,” “who I met in Manhattan” and more. Now you don’t have to be fussed about those tiny details of those persons you have met since you can focus on the moment rather than remembering. All you need though is the person’s number and Humin will sort out the rest. Humin acts like your digital butler so you don’t have to worry about everyone’s personal details.


This app helps me save time since I like to get more done in less time. I do not want to be distracted by so much at once and this is where Workflow comes in. With workflow you can customize your phone so that you can skip time-wasting tasks. It is all based on your actions though, for example if you want to update your latest photo to Twitter, you just need to instruct your phone when you need this done. The same can be done with calling in for an Uber or fixing your appointments. Workflow allows you to be organized and get more done. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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