7 Self-Improving Ways To Make Your Ex Wish They Never Broke Up With You

I have been in a lot of relationships that did not end well. And somewhere in between, my ex seemed to be the one who got the take rather than me. I was hurt, bitter, lost and pained. It was hard to get my foot back on ground because at the end of the day it seemed I was the fool after all. So l learned from my pain and got my stuffs together and understood the dynamics of every relationship – never leave or get out of it sober. You should be happy after a break up and not lost or disorganized. Here are 7 ways you can get back at your ex.

Get a better partner

Get someone who your ex feels intimidated by. Get a partner who your ex wants to be or who they look up to. Get a partner who is sexier, richer and finer than your ex. Your ex will certainly be intimidated by your new relationship, and whether they do or not, you have upped your game!

Look better for your ex

This always works! Become more handsome or more beautiful for your ex. Let them see you in a light they never saw you in the relationship they had with you. I don’t mind if you are going to get plastic surgery or go to the best boutique for this, just make them see you in a better light, looking more astounding than you were.

Become smarter for your ex

I am not talking nerdy smart, I am talking smartness that makes him/her lost in the game. Let them not be able to catch up with your wit. Play them on their own field and beat them! Smartness has a way of intimidating anyone, and your ex should be your opponent.

Become successful

They say success is the best revenge for anyone. Well I say massive success is the best way you can take over your world and become dominant in it. Let your ex know that you became successful without them and how worthless they were in your world after all.

Get better friends

Success has a way of attracting the right people. Sometimes we are measured by who we hang out with and those people who you’re discovered around with. Get around people who will surely intimidate your ex and make them feel embarrassed and lost. You need better relationships to intimidate your ex. Get them pissed and emotional by being around people who they cannot be with.

Become unusually popular

I don’t care if you have to buy your Instagram followers or you have to be the hot thing or Twitter. Let them know that you have become famous and you did it without them. Be popular for something great and watch them swoon in regret. Let other people talk about your cuteness, brains or strengths. The most important thing is that you are not silent and you aren’t retreating the corner of the ring. You are winning in your unique ways.

Get them out of your life

Sorry I had to save the best for the last. The best way to get back at your ex, is to make them totally disappear from your world and totally inexistent. They should be wiped out. Take them away from your Facebook friends, take them away from social media. Take them away and make them dissipate. Even when they search for you, make sure you are not found by them. If they really meant so much or were valuable to your growth, they would not become attitudinal. Let them know that you do not need them and they were just a waste of time. The best way to get at your ex is to get them out of life and make them regret their actions. You deserve something better and that you will get if you are willing to let go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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