12 Reasons Your Life Is A Boring Mess (And Doesn’t Have To Be)

Twenty20 / Jess.xn
Twenty20 / Jess.xn

It is always horrible waking up and not feeling that spark you need to get going and living the life you deserve. Every minute spent on this planet should be one of satisfaction and fulfillment. You deserve a great life and never should you feel tired or exhausted of living it.

The truth is that you do not have to be wealthy or famous to live an interesting or satisfactory life. It is all up to you to make your life as interesting as it can be, and here are 12 reasons why it has been a boring mess.

You have not figured out your purpose yet

You do not know why you are on this planet. You have not given yourself to the pursuit of discovering your purpose and passion.

You spend so much time doing the wrong things

You are not spending time doing things that resonate with your identity. Rather than find out what things tickle and make you feel excited, you continue spending time doing things that are not ideal for you.

You keep on trying to please others

The only person that can give you the fulfilled and interesting life you deserve is you, and no one else. And to tap into that you have to learn to please yourself first.

You are in the wrong crowd

Your life will only be as interesting as it can be when you are with the right kind of people who make you feel that you are worth something and that you can offer the world everything.

You have not learned to love

One of the things that make life worth living and blissful is when you love. You should get out there and spread some love, this will make your life more interesting.

You have not learned to forgive

You still keep on holding on to grudges, resentments and the past. Your life will be more interesting when you start learning not only to forgive others but also to forgive yourself.

You do not get out of your comfort zone

Nothing can be as monotonous and tiring as repeating the same process of doing things over and over again. To start an interesting you have to stop playing the safe zone and get out there to experience new things.

You have no goals

You do not have plans or goals. You are simply stuck on not knowing what to do or where you should be headed in life. To truly live an interesting life, you have to start committing yourself to certain goals that’ll make you live a progressive life.

You are not willing to seek knowledge

You do not want to learn anything. Learning, whether it is conventional or unconventional, makes us challenged, prepared and alive!

You are afraid

You seem to be afraid of everything around you. Rather than live a courage life, you keep yourself in the cocoon of fear.

You are negative

Rather than see possibilities, you keep on making up excuses and reasons why things won’t work. You do not want to see the world for the amazing opportunities it has for you. Yes, you can be realist but there really is no harm in looking at the bright side of the world we live in.

You procrastinate

You keep waiting for things to be perfect before you get the life and the things you deserve. You procrastinate and hold on to projects because you feel that everything has to be right first, and this sort of keeps you waiting for a day that will never come, a lover that will never be your own and a career that keeps living in the air. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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