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30 Little Reminders To Nourish You On Your Healing Journey

1. Your presence is your power. When you connect with present moment awareness, you tap into endless creative flow and allow inspired actions to clear your path.

2. You are lovable. This is the most basic human truth. And it is true whether you believe it or not.

3. When you look to another as a source of love, that person also becomes a source of fear. Love them and let them love you. But you must find that love within yourself first. Otherwise, the fear of losing that person will prevent any love from shining through.

4. When you judge others, you are really judging yourself. Life is a mirror. Next time you find yourself in judgment, meet yourself with compassion. Ask, What is the purpose of this judgment and how is it trying to protect me?

5. Every sentence of your story is a lesson and a blessing. Your obstacles are opportunities, and rejection is merely redirection toward your highest self.

6. Your triggers are your teachers. Open your heart to their lessons. Allow them to guide your unhealed wounds into the light.

7. Self-love is your freedom medicine. Compassion opens the door to your healing.

8. Breath is boss. Your breath is with you regardless of whether or not you tune in to its presence. Become aware of your breath and each inhale and exhale will guide you toward peace.

9. Prescribe mindful movement daily. The physical body stores unprocessed emotional energy. Moving mindfully allows you to tap into these unprocessed layers and create space for fresh prana or life force.

10. Sing your heart out. Open the vocal channels from deep in your belly to reawaken the power of your voice and remember the strength of your truth. Remember, it doesn’t have to be in tune.

11. Forgiveness is not a gift you give others. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Forgiveness reawakens your power. When you let go of the illusion that the past could have been different, you can begin to show up for the present.

12. Feel all the seasons. You hold the strength to feel every layer and every ripple of deep feeling. Honor all the seasons of your emotions through deep feeling.

13. You are the dreamer of your own dreams. You are a sovereign being. Your dreams are your own to create. You can draw outside of boxes. You can write a new story of what success looks like.

14. Your body is intrinsic genius. Steep in stillness and you will flow intuitively toward healing.

15. It is safe for you to be seen in your fullest expression. When you allow yourself to be seen, you empower yourself and countless others around you. The world doesn’t need you to be more like someone else, the world needs you.

16. Your path to healing nourishes the soul of the collective. Keep going, keep growing. The world needs your freedom medicine.

17. Inspiration is your invitation to embody your soul’s truth. When you act on inspiration and creativity, you are guided closer to your soul purpose.

18. You cannot choose your thoughts, but you can choose the relationship you cultivate with them. When you befriend those thoughts that are keeping you stuck, you are liberated from them and empowered to move through the unconscious blocks standing between yourself and your goals.

19. If you want to move faster, slow down. The healing happens in stillness. The alchemy flows when you acknowledge your resistance and judgments with compassion and allow them to uncover the unconscious patterns holding you back.

20. Your freedom lies outside the womb of conformity. You are not bound by the edges of this world. Color outside the lines.

21. Burnout is just feedback showing you there is a better way of being. Invite this redirection. Write a new story of what leadership looks like. Lean into grace and inclusion. Let go of fear and competition.

22. A river of love flows through you. It does not waver . Whether or not you choose to flow, it is always there. In any moment, you can step back and choose again. Love is always available.

23. Your thoughts create your reality. You manifest what you believe. Your thoughts are messages to the universe flooded with vibrational energy. You attract the vibrations that you project. Your thoughts are never idle. The universe is always working.

24. Your beliefs are just thoughts on a soundtrack that you have chosen to play on repeat. You can tune in to tracks of compassion at any moment. When you nourish the narratives that awaken your authentic power, you allow your truth to elevate the world.

25. Your energy is your point of attraction. You are a magnet for vibrations that align with the frequency you project. You have the power to both honor your emotions as they are and shift how you feel to a higher vibration in any moment.

26. You can be compassionate and still maintain boundaries. Boundaries honor and reflect your innate self-worth. When you are truthful to your yeses and nos, you are kinder to yourself and of greater service to the world.

27. You can choose to move through the world guided by fear or love. In every moment, you have a choice. You can respond to fear with more fear, or you can guide your fears into the light through a lens of love.

28. Turn inward. You are already home. You are already whole. You are the love you cannot find. You are the love you’ve been looking for.

29. Suffering occurs when you become a martyr to your thoughts. When you are willing to question your thoughts and see them as untrue, you are liberated from them and you are liberated from your suffering.

30. You are brave for doing the work. You are strong for asking for help. Remember always that you are worthy of healing. Just as you are in this moment. You are worthy. You deserve peace.

Casey is a licensed therapist, wellness coach and yoga teacher.

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