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Raise Your Energetic Vibration With These Simple Mindfulness Practices

What if I told you that every thought you have is a message to the universe? Would you choose your thoughts differently?

The universe is a cosmic dance of energy, intricately communicating and transforming in every moment.

Energy is like a vibrational current. You speak on a specific wavelength. I like to compare this to how dogs hear high-pitched sounds that are unnoticeable to humans. In the same way, high vibrational thoughts recognize and attract high vibrational energy while low vibrational thoughts attract low energy.

You call in the thoughts you embody, because this is the vibrational frequency with which you communicate and project to the universe. When you ruminate on a negative experience, even through a lens of wanting better, it is still the low vibrational energy that you project. In turn, this low energy is transmitted and reflected back to you.

You grow what you water.

If you are watering low vibrational frequencies through venting, complaining, and negative thought patterns, then you are destined to see these low energy frequencies continue to grow. Meanwhile, high vibe energy prunes when you neglect seeds of gratitude, appreciation, and self-worth.

Shifting your thoughts has the power to transform your energy, and in turn, the vibrations that you attract in the form of relationships, career, community, and abundance.

Many of your thoughts are deeply ingrained in cultural conditioning and intergenerational family values. It takes intentional action to reframe and release these deeply entrenched beliefs. But every small shift makes a difference.

Are you ready to start manifesting and attracting higher energy?

Practice these mindfulness exercises to elevate your thought patterns and align with your highest potential.

1. Practice daily gratitude

Planting seeds of gratitude at the start of the day shifts your alignment to a higher vibration and sets you up for success moving forward.

Maybe it’s the first sip of coffee in the morning or the strength of your body and breath.

Spend just a few minutes each day journaling or meditating on a topic you feel grateful for in the moment.

Let gratitude flow from a place of presence and authenticity.

2. Reframe your thoughts

The way you speak to yourself reflects the way you interact with the world. To reflect a higher energy to the universe, you must first change the internal conversation.

When you find yourself in a negative thought spiral, you can reframe your thoughts to shift your vibration.

Instead of aligning thoughts from a place of fear, worry, or lack, align from a place of compassion.

Ask yourself, has an obstacle led to an opportunity? What are the areas in your life where you feel abundant?

Challenge your negative self thoughts by asking, Is this thought true? Make a list of the evidence for and against the negative thought.

3. Tune in to present moment awareness

When you focus on present moment awareness, you slow down and shift your energy to a higher state of consciousness. You inhabit our body. You notice subtle, somatic sensations and learn to communicate with your innate internal wisdom. You become more conscious of the sweetness and unwavering beauty of your surroundings.

Mindfulness draws you out of the thought cycle in your head, helping you cast out fear, worry, judgment, and need for control. In turn, you can focus this energy on cultivating compassion and surrendering to the moment, just as it is.

Each time that you slow down and inhabit your presence, you raise your vibrational frequency. Every small moment counts. Mindfulness does not have to be a formal meditation practice.

Adventure on a nature walk, noticing sounds and sights in your surroundings. What colors do you see? What do you smell?

Next time you sit down for a meal, set an intention to chew more slowly. Do you notice any layers of taste or texture that you might otherwise miss?

By tuning in to deeper layers of presence, you align with universal energy that raises your consciousness and elevates your high vibrational attracting power.

4. Reflection on your relationships

Even when you are not consciously aware, you are tuning in to the energy of those around you.

Reflect on the people you spend your time with. This could be friends, family, coworkers, community. Notice any energy or emotional shifts when you are together. Scan for somatic sensations to see what message your body is sending you.

Do you feel activated or more worried? Calmer and more at peace? Do you feel a sense of judgment or jealousy, venting or complaining, gratitude and appreciation?

How does the energy of your relationships impact your own? Do you find yourself absorbing the energy of those around you?

What can you do in and outside of your relationships to better protect and share your high vibrational energy? Maybe this means more designated self-care hours, setting new boundaries with your friends or partner, or surrounding yourself with more people who share your passions and goals.

When you are feeling out of alignment, remember that you can always shift your vibration to a higher frequency. In every moment, you alone have the power to plant a new seed and choose the thoughts you want to water, nourish, and grow.

Casey is a licensed therapist, wellness coach and yoga teacher.

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