5 Rules Of Text Messaging

Flickr / Rhys A.
Flickr / Rhys A.

1. Adapt to the other person’s texting style.

If you are texting someone new for the first time, figure out their texting style. Do they respond in short, multiple lines or long, elaborate sentences? As much as we don’t like to admit it, this is a conversation and you have to adapt to the way the other person responds.

2. Spell…it…O-U-T.

TXt me L8tr—what is that shit? Do you not know how to spell? If you spend every other second glued to your phone, you can spend an additional minute typing out words. We aren’t robots just yet.

3. Use your emojis wisely.

Emojis are a sensitive subject. I think the best call here is if this is someone you regularly talk to, emoji away. Make emoji-sentences, paragraphs, novels. BUT if this is someone new who you don’t regularly talk to, you probably shouldn’t. Being adventurous and slipping in one of the creative smiley faces could be detrimental. If you are guy and you land that girl who overanalyzes every word you text, emojis could be the end of that. To quote my friend, “Are you REALLY feeling that much?”

If a girl gives you an emoji, those are not open floodgates for you to send in the koala, palm tree, sad face, happy face, smirk face, laughing face, beer, chicken wing, and the remainder of the group to her.

4. Respond promptly.

As mentioned above, we are glued to our phones. So in between Reddit and hot chicks on Instagram, I know you can figure out a response—especially if you sent me a Snapchat of your burrito five minutes ago. This becomes extra annoying when there is an actual conversation happening and plans are being made, then suddenly it is as if you have been abducted by aliens.

5. NO dick pics.

Just no. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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