5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is The One (Or A Serial Killer)

So you’ve been together with your boyfriend for…you know… ten days, so naturally you’re starting to ask yourself those important questions like, “Has he seen season six of The Apprentice?” and “Is this the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with?”

He seems nice enough, and he does some really sweet things for you, but so does Amazon, and you’re not thinking about marrying it, right (if only!)? But is he the Mr. Right kind of nice? How are you supposed to tell if your guy is really the one? Lucky for you, there are a few proven, easy-to-spot signs that your significant other is marriage material. Or a spree-killer.

1. He surprises you at work.

When you’re having one of those bummer days at work and you’re wishing for a pick-me-up, nothing could be better than seeing your boyfriend pop out from behind a support beam or leap out of the rafters to surprise you! If he does this, it’s a solid sign that he’s got all the empathy and spontaneity you’d want in a permanent mate, and the silent cunning to potentially orchestrate your untimely death!

2. He cares so much about local news.

If you’re going to be spending the rest of your life peeing next to someone, you’re going to want it to be someone well-informed. If your man refuses to miss the nightly news because he’s so interested in what’s happening in your community, you know he’s a keeper. Even if he insists on keeping numerous newspaper clippings of his all-time favorite crime stories and posting them all over the walls of your soon-to-be-shared bedroom, you don’t mind – you know that it’s just part of what makes your man such a desirable mate!

3. He says the NICEST things.

Your boyfriend always takes time out of his day to feed you with the out-of-this-world compliments you didn’t even know you deserved. Cute stuff like “You’re so beautiful, I’m gonna make it so you’re this beautiful forever,” and “Your skin is so perfect, I wish I could wear it.” Adorable!

4. He keeps his basement so darn clean!

It might not be often that your boyfriend lets you visit his basement (he doesn’t want to expose your virgin lungs to possibly radon-laden air), but when he does, it’s crazy immaculate! Almost too immaculate. Almost to the point where you might be worried something was buried down there behind a false-wall or something, but you never would worry because he’s such a great guy! Plus, it’s good to know that he can clean up after himself, especially considering all the diapers he’s going to have to change (did anyone say triplets?).

5. He NEVER talks about his exes.

The absolute worst thing a boyfriend can do is remind you of the existence of other human women – that’s why it’s so refreshing to have someone who never mentions his past! He almost makes it feel like there’s never been a woman before you. At least not anyone living, anyway! Besides, nothing could be better than a boyfriend who is completely present and focused on the here and now – not caught up on feeling guilty about anything he may/may not have done in the past!

So when your boyfriend finally gets around to popping the question (and we all know he will) and you have to make the toughest decision of your life, just remember to check the list! And if you see an occasional bloody power-drill or hilariously large roll of duct tape lying around the house, don’t worry! It’s just another sign that, no matter how short of a life you may spend together, your man is going to be great around the house. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – MadalenaPestana

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