It’s Time To Realize That It’s Okay To Ougrow Certain People

I think we’d all agree that as you get older, you outgrow a lot of things in life.

You outgrow clothes, your tastes in entertainment, and certain activities. You outgrow the tooth fairy. You outgrow tea parties and wrestling with your brother.

You also outgrow your own limitations and fears. You outgrow your fear of swimming, of public speaking, or of traveling alone.

Why, then, are we so resistant to outgrowing certain people in our adult lives?

Why are we so afraid of embracing where we are in our lives spiritually and mirroring that in who we give our energy to?


If you’re reading this, I’m confident in saying that you’ve reached a point in your life where you have a good idea of who you are and what you deserve. You know what it’s like to put yourself first, to invest in yourself, and to appreciate yourself.

Why, then, are you afraid to outgrow certain people?

The reality of life is that you inevitably move forward. It’s what happens as you grow up and come to know yourself better. It’s a great thing! It really is!

I think it’s time we all embrace this fact. It’s time to recognize that as your life changes, so will your circle.

You don’t have to wait around anymore for people to catch up to you.

It’s time to realize that it’s okay to outgrow certain people.

It’s not a spiteful, vindictive, or selfish thing to do. You owe it to yourself to consider this.

I say embrace who you’ve become and what (or who) you’re meant to leave behind. Know that it’s okay to outgrow certain people.

It’s out to outgrow:

People who don’t appreciate you.

People who aren’t genuine with you or treat you like you’re replaceable.

People who don’t value you.

People who don’t only accept parts of you and not others.

I’m not necessarily encouraging you to make a list of people and just cut ’em out of your life. I’m encouraging you to realize that you’ve grown tremendously over the years, or even A LOT in a small amount of time.

Keep that growth going by allowing yourself to outgrow people and influences that don’t align with that.

You don’t have to be cold, heartless, or mean. You can simply move on. You can simply align your circle with your growth.

You can move on from relationships that are one-sided, people who only hit you up on the weekends, people who don’t appreciate you but just “want to keep in touch.”

There’s nothing selfish about moving on.

You have outgrown those people without realizing it, and you should make that real by actually moving on. Know that even though you’re moving on, you’re not truly losing that relationship. You never lose what it once gave you.

It gave you perspective. It gave you comfort. It helped you grow at some point.

But now, it’s time to move on because you’ve outgrown it.

It’s time to align your circle with your growth. Outgrow people and environments that don’t invest in you, who don’t value you, who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

Realize that as your life changes, so will your circle. Embrace that.

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