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In Defense Of Stevie Nicks

Even the truly devoted among us, who secretly worshiped every aspect of her gothic crystal vision, often had to wonder if she wouldn’t be taken a bit more seriously, by audiences and critics alike, if just once she’d toned down some of her Enchanted Forest fever.

Has Judge Judy Lost Her Mind?

Litigants are destined for a verbal smack down for any number of undeserved reasons – if they dare stutter, stammer or, god forbid, deliver what this Judge deems to be excessive information.

Pecs Appeal

Would up-and-coming young actors be wise to put down their scripts and pick up a dumbbell? If DeNiro and Pacino were younger, should they get out of the Actor’s Studio and into Gold’s?

Empress Oprah: Then and Now

For years Oprah has been coasting, getting by on her likeability and her personal history with her viewers rather than anything of substance. Her daily gabfests are less about sharing information or exchanging ideas than they are about wasting an hour with Ms. Winfrey. In that regard, she is more of a modern day Arthur Godfrey than any sort of media messenger leading the way to “living your best life.”