6 Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads Of All Types

In my humble opinion, Father’s Day is a tough gift holiday. My dad, for one, requests “nothing” every year and when pressed, might suggest a pair of socks. Of course, that’s no help, because somehow socks just don’t capture the gratitude I feel for all of those years he calmly dealt with the growing pains of my adolescence. So, if you’re in the same boat (i.e. stuck), here are 8 ideas for various personality types:

1. The outdoorsman

If your dad’s truly outdoorsy, he probably already has the basics—tent, backpack, layered clothing. But he may not have the latest innovations. For example, a gem that won an Editor’s Choice award in Backpacker’s Spring Gear Guide was the Big Agnes mtnGLO, which is a series of mini LED lights that attach inside a tent (and can be retro-fitted for any tent). Now, instead of trying to rig up a lantern or headlamps at night, he can just turn on a cozy glow while playing cards or a board game, or reading books.

Cost: $40

2. The music fanatic

Your dad has probably gathered a little bit of everything over the course of his life: records, cassettes, CD’s. And now maybe he has an iPod. Well, you can tell him to dust off his whole collection. Encourage him to merge old and new with this Crosley 5 in 1 Entertainment Center, which plays all of the above, and then some.

Cost: $88 on sale

3. The athlete

You could always go for a customized jersey, hat, or hoodie, like one of these from the NFL shop, which might make his day. Or you could get extra personal with a one-of-a-kind bonding experience. Does your dad love golf? Take him out on the greens. Is he a tennis pro? Make time to hit the courts together. If he’s more of a fan than a player, look at upcoming schedules and buy tickets to a game or match you know he’ll love. The anticipation will be half of the fun.

Cost: Varies

4. The sensitive-type

Even if he doesn’t look it on the outside, your dad might be a big teddy bear bursting with love. So why not ask him a little about himself? An heirloom journal, like this one, offers your dad the opportunity to jot down memories, favorite things, and interesting tidbits from his life. It’s a gift for both of you, really, because he’ll get to tell his story, and you’ll savor it forever.

Cost: $12

5. The DIY foodie

Maybe this seems like a random combination, but if your dad fits the bill, he’ll go wild for these Bacon Roses. (Plus, it’s a masculine take on a flower bouquet, so you’ll get an “A” for effort.) Although this is an inexpensive crafty-type gift, you will need access to a drill, and you’ll want to allot a solid hour to make sure you get it right. The finished product is both beautiful and tasty.

Cost: Varies

6. The traveler

In terms of snazzy innovations, this Under Seat Rolling Carry On is best in class. No longer does your dad have to heave his roller bag into an overhead bin. This one’s big enough to carry a weekend’s worth of clothing, plus his laptop, and it fits neatly under his seat. Or, why not support his wanderlust with a couple of airline tickets to… somewhere? This is a splurge for sure, but if you have the means, why not book a weekend trip to a place you’ve both always wanted to visit? Maybe you’re both into history. Food. Festivals. Go ahead and indulge.

Cost: $130 for the carry on (The trip? Priceless) Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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