An Open Letter To The Boy Who Took My Heart, But Never Gave His Back

You were everything I wanted. You made me so happy (and also so mad). You were my almost lover. You changed me, and after knowing you, I will never be the same.

I wanted you so bad and gave you so much. I let you in, but it was never enough to make you stay. Every time you left and came back, I took you right back as if nothing ever happened. Whenever you ignored me for days or weeks and finally reached out, I responded right away. I loved you so good, but I guess it was never good enough for you.

Now it’s time to say goodbye. It’s time to move on and not go back. I’ve given you chance after chance, but you still never got it. You never got that I am in love you and would do anything for you. You never got that I wanted to be your forever. I wish so bad I could have been the one for you. I’ve spent countless nights crying myself to sleep over you and days wondering what you were doing… why you weren’t talking to me. But you’ll never know this. And even if you did, I’m sure it wouldn’t change anything.

No one has ever made me as mad as you have. No matter how mad or upset I was, the minute you called, I’d take you right back. And then we would go right back to where we started. You have taken my heart, but why can’t you give anything in return?

I think this time I have finally seen the light. You’re not worth it, and you’re not the one for me. Maybe sometime later you will be. And oh how I hope you are. But for now, I have to say goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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