9 Straightforward Ways To Capture Her Heart

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Us girls do not expect you to be at our door with flowers and candy or outside our window holding a boombox playing a love song. It really isn’t that difficult to capture her heart; here are a few suggestions on how to do so.

1. Convince her chivalry isn’t dead

Give her compliments like, “You look nice,” even if she didn’t do her hair or doesn’t have any makeup on. She probably doesn’t even need it anyway. Or just simply hold the door for her. Being a gentleman makes all the difference because it shows that you care for her.

2. Ask how she is or how her day was

If you ask her and she replies “I’m okay” or “I’m fine,” but you aren’t convinced, let it slide but let her know you’re here if she needs someone to talk to. She may not open up to you right away, but give her time.

3. Do things that makes her laugh and smile

Laughter is the best medicine. Tickle her or, if that’s crossing boundaries, crack a joke or do a funny impression. Even if you look like a fool, the effort will be all worth it.

4. Remember a song that she likes

Even if her taste in music is different from yours. Once in a while you should let her control the aux. Or surprise her when you start humming or singing to her favorite song, even if it’s the chorus. It will show that you pay attention and that you are interested in what she likes and she’ll most likely return the favor.

5. Don’t mention your ex

It’s fine if she knows her name and how the relationship ended, but that should be the extent of it.

6. Text her

It doesn’t matter if it’s the morning, afternoon, or evening. It shows you’re thinking about her. A phone call wouldn’t kill you either. She wants to hear your voice as much as you do.

7. Don’t make her feel left out

When you bring her to a new scene or meet up with people she doesn’t know, make sure she’s included in the conversation and doesn’t feel left out. Help her by making her feel welcomed and comfortable.

8. Having meaningful conversations

Whether you are talking about something trivial or a having a deep conversation, knowing that you are communicating with eye contact and without being distracted by your phone makes all the difference. It is also allowing you to learn new things about each other.

9. Hold her hand

No matter the time or place. It shows that you want to be close to her. She’ll feel protected knowing you’re with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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