Remember This As You Welcome In The First Chapter Of 2019

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It’s officially 2019!

It’s a new chapter for you because the story isn’t over. This is a time to reflect on what has happened the past year. And a lot of things happened in 2018, some good and some bad. Just like any year, it was a rollercoaster, but I hope you took something that 2018 had to offer too.

You deserve all the happiness the new year has to offer you, but remember that it cannot just happen on its own. You have to work towards it. Remember, it’s okay to have some bad days. You should never apologize for being sad — it happens to everyone. It is okay to take a personal day from school or work, as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

Always remember to love yourself. After all, loving yourself is the most important thing you can do in your whole entire life. You will always have yourself through the good and the bad. Be kind and patient with yourself — it’s a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Just like feelings, people come and go. Surprisingly, you will do the same to others. Remember not to push people away.

Accept that not everything in your life is in your control. Not your feelings and definitely not people. Hold onto the things you can control, but do not let yourself grow power hungry. Never take it for granted.

It is time to let go of everything this past year. Leave it with satisfaction and a smile. Remember to embrace 2019 with open arms and an open mind. A new chapter has just begun — make it yours! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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