An Open Letter From The Person Who Has Fallen For You

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Dear first real love,

I know you will probably read this but, I do not know what you’ll think. Though, I have actually fallen in love with you. Yes, though you are not the first person I have fallen in love with. The others were either just a crush or one-sided.

You are probably wondering how or why I had fallen in love with you. It is not like Cupid came with his arrow and struck me for you. It was not a cliche moment when we looked into each other’s eyes and knew that we were made for each other. No, it took time to fall in love. But, as the great John Green quotes from his character Hazel Grace Lanchester,

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly, then all at once.”

That is exactly how it felt. At first, the feelings start and then they progressed, then boom you are signing Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows. It was not an accident. Whenever I listen to love songs I always think of you. That means Taylor Swift is definitely not on my playlist.

I fell in love with your charm and wit. The times we just kept each other company and of the late nights of pure bliss. Those simple late night conversations. Your smile that makes me smile and how your eyes crinkle when you laugh. I see when I’m looking at you and you’re looking back at me.

I mostly fell in love with your vulnerability to the world. Like any hero, you are human and have weaknesses. You are open and honest with your feelings about yourself to yourself and others. That is something I truly admire about you.

Alas, everything is not happily ever after. Even Disney characters have their own struggles. With all the steps taken forward. We had taken a few back and paused. Being able to do that and see situations in that perspective, we were able to skip ahead.

Sadly, one day I will fall out of love. It happens to everyone. Or worse you fall in love with someone else. Even if those do happen. You are still special to me and even if the feelings go. They are never forgotten in my heart. But for the time being, I hope the feelings both stay.


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