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The Mean Girl Complex

Someone once told me “you know why you’re mean? Because you think being called nice is an insult.” Isn’t it? Isn’t that what you say about someone when their personality is so unremarkable that, when pressed for an opinion, all you can think of to say is that they’re nice?

Seven Ways To Be Mature

Use a disproportionate amount of your free time feeling unsatisfied with how far you’ve come since you graduated. Feel like a capitalist sell-out if you work in the corporate world, or an indulgent artist if you work anywhere outside of it.

5 Artists You Should Never Listen to at Work

If your job doesn’t suck, you probably work somewhere where you’re allowed to listen to music at your desk. And if you’re like me, you listen to music as much as you can, and sometimes leave your headphones in without music when you decide you actually want to be productive, just so no one will bother you.