5 Positive Things That Came From Getting My Heart Broken Over And Over Again

Each time you get hurt, it seriously sucks. I was just recently hurt, but here are some positive things that happened to me from loving the wrong people.

1. I learned how to love better.

I started to realize how to more mature in a relationship (friends or more than). I got better and better at relationships with each guy that broke my heart. I made myself better because I started to realized where my faults were in each scenario.

2. I learned what I needed from a guy.

Now, if I know a guy isn’t right for me, I move forward. (Even if it feels easier to stay in the same place). It may take some time, but I get there.

3. I became a better friend.

It became easier for me to give advice to people who are hurting because I had been through similar things in numerous ways.

4. I was able to become a strong independent woman.

I was able to do things I never would have had these guys stayed in my life. I also, am most of the time happy to be single as a Pringle. Not always, but usually. P.S. I’m not saying break up with your man to get this S.I.W. status, but never let someone hold you back from your dreams that’s my advice for single or partnered people.

5. I learned how to forgive.

In all forms of relationships, because holding on to painful things hurt me, not them. And each time it got easier to walk away, with forgiveness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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