You Wish They Saw The Same Them That You Do

friends sitting back to the camera
Ian Dooley

You wish that sooner, rather than too late, they would find the same satisfaction with themselves as you do when you’re with them. You hope that sooner, rather than too late, they’ll realize their search for their soul is only hidden behind the treasure of your perception of them – the understanding of them so deeply – that they could be taken a fool as to not to.

You wish that sooner, rather than later, they’ll realize the value you hold upon them, seeing the person you know that they should see in themselves. You hang tightly to the idea that they’ll come around, they’ll stop their unnecessary struggle and search for self-identity, and take hold of the same person that you cherish so much.

You wish they’d stop going through life’s motions, skipping its most important beats, and seeing the survival of another day as one of its greatest feats. You hope that sooner, rather than later, they’d stop wasting their potential, the potential paired with ambition that ignited your initial attraction to them.

You wish that sooner, rather than too late, they don’t give up on themselves. They don’t walk away from one of the most caring people in their life because they’re too guarded to see just how much you care. You hope that they’ll figure it out, and even though they’ve been so lost, you’ve been there, waiting for them to get over whatever it is that’s holding them back.

You hope that sooner, rather than later, they’ll stop hurting. They’ll stop hurting themselves; they’ll stop hurting you. They’ll stop. You wish that they could see all the time that’s passed from the person they used to be to the person that they’re becoming.

You wish that you could turn back life’s clock and find the time right before their life seemed to get so unbelievably messy. That you could find some moment in time where you can go back and step in to save them before they started to lose themselves.

You wish that sooner, rather than too late, they wake up from whatever this may be and see the same them that you do. You wish. 

And you hope that one day they don’t just stop.

Yet, in the midst of all your hopes and wishes for them, you could slowly start losing sight of your own. You are not meant to fix them. You cannot and will not ever be able to force them to see their potential or help them rediscover their purpose in life.

Yes, you can absolutely be there through their struggles. Yes, you can absolutely admire them so unbelievably much, but you cannot let their hurt cause you to have pain of your own.

You cannot let the absence of their mind cause a lack of presence in your own. People get lost, and the success stories areas hard as they are true: the only person that can help them are those that have finally decided to help themselves.

You can have hope for them. You can wish upon them so much so. Still, you cannot forget about you. 

When the only flame that’s left has burnt out, who will be there to start the fire? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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