My Heart Is Patiently Waiting For You To Return

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Do you remember that storm where we found each other? It was so deep, weird and beautiful; yes, beautiful, don’t exactly know why, but it was.

The absence of the light is a necessary part in our lives to teach us how to value the smallest shining signal, but sometimes we don’t know how to make it on our own and that’s when a guardian angel is sent to help us endure the pain; I was sent to you.

Those days were intense, full of pain, unveilings, heartaches and wounds you thought were already healed but then suddenly felt them bleeding and hurting all again.

It wasn’t coincidence that we found each other that way. Your darkness found my light and we moved mountains together, we were there side by side until the rain stopped falling and the sun shone again. And you have no idea how my heart pounded happily when I saw your sun rising again.

I saw your ugliest side, saw your blood running through the wounds I always knew were still opened, I saw the tears you never shed fearing of showing yourself weak before my eyes; but most of all, I felt in your embrace your gratitude, caring and tenderness.

I felt your solitude, your despair, your anguish and sorrows; I felt your fear, your shame and your pride slipping through your heart while it touched me.

But most of all, above all the pain around you, I felt the best you could be when your lips touched mine. I know that there is a Great Wall protecting your heart against the cruelty of the world, but you invited me to get into it and showed me all the beauty that is behind the iron armor you’ve been wearing through all your life.

I just wanted you to show this beauty all the time and not only when our eyes cross and you beg me to be patient and not give up on you, because it doesn’t matter how tough your heart is, you also want and deserve to be loved and cared.

I know that you hide yourself this way to protect yourself, because I overflow emotions and with me there is no superficiality, and maybe the reason why you’re where you are today is that you gave your heart and soul to a woman and allowed her to hurt you so bad that you don’t have energy left to suffer anymore. I understand, in the name of love, I understand and I give you all the time you need to recompose.

Once someone told me that the true love is patient, and you’ve been showing me that it’s true; it’s been so hard being without you, but where there is love, there is all.

I see your sad eyes and your fake smile, I see that there is something missing; something that you’re seeking in someone else’s arms, but that you know, deep down inside, you’ll only find here in my arms. I know that you miss me too and want to call me to say “yes, I want you too”, but your pride is bigger than your heart, isn’t it?

You’ve built your home in my heart, but like a stubborn child, you’re trying to prove that you can live so far away from where you belong. And that’s why only time will bring you back with your heart in your hand, voiceless and with your eyes full of missings and wanting to stay forever.

And I’ll only say “stay”. It’s already love, and I’ve been waiting for you for nine years, one or two more days won’t make a huge difference.

Just don’t take it too long, because sometimes the emptiness gets over and I don’t want it to fulfill the place that is only yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I was born to touch hearts and listen to the stories every single person brings in their eyes and nobody notices.

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