10 People In Your Life That Deserve A #It’sAllAboutWhoYou…

Mike Fox

Lately, on Twitter, I’ve seen a lot of “It’s all about who you…” tweets.

The first one I saw that really caught my attention was, “It’s all about the person you think of when you listen to Thomas Rhett.” Y’all already know how I feel about Thomas Rhett’s song lyrics. I thought I would come up with my own “It’s all about who you…” statements.

Let’s see who y’all think about when reading these:

1. It’s all about who you think of when you’re watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.

You might as well go ahead and marry the person you think about when watching Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth scream/sing “She Will Be Loved” in “The Last Song”.

2. It’s all about who you think of during Sunday morning church sermons.

If someone pops in your mind while you’re learning about Jesus, they must be pretty important to you. Anyone who reminds you of God’s Word is a keeper!

3. It’s all about who you think of when asked about your future.

If someone asks you, “Where do you think you’ll be in five years?” and you start thinking of someONE instead of someTHING, you must want a future with that person.

4. It’s all about who you think of when you’re listening to “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean.

With lyrics like, “And I swear God made you for me” and “You’re my sunshine in the darkest days”, that song makes it pretty easy to think of someone.

5. It’s all about who you want to call when you get good news.

Think about the person you go to call right away when you get good news. Whether that person is your mom, best friend, or boyfriend, there’s a reason why you think of them when something good happens.

6. It’s all about who you want to take with you on adventures.

Whose the person you want to take on cross-country road trips with you?

7. It’s all about who you think to tag in relationship tweets.

There are sooo many relationship tweets on Twitter to potentially tag someone in. It’s all about who you think to tag in the positive, lovey-dovey ones.

8. It’s all about who you imagine yourself with when you’re at a wedding.

When at a wedding, I feel like it’s pretty common to imagine yourself in the bride or groom’s shoes. Who do you think would be standing across from you saying “I do”?

9. It’s all about who comes to mind during your nightly prayers.

If you’re praying for someone, you care about them. More importantly, you care about their struggles, and you want them fixed.

10. It’s all about who you can’t keep a secret from.

Whose the one person you just HAVE to tell everything? If you can’t keep a secret from them, you must trust them with everything. TC mark

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