An Open Letter To President-Elect Trump From An Everyday Millennial

Flickr / Marc Nozell
Flickr / Marc Nozell

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’ve been sitting in front of this laptop for a long time now. I’ve tapped at the keys, thought, and pressed ‘delete’ until the page is white again; this process has gone one for hours now. I tried to find a coalition of words that would open this letter, grab your attention, and slowly ease my way into the topic, but there is absolutely no way of dulling this blade. Every time I try to cap my words and ease them of harsh connotation and association, my entire body trembles at the thought that you will dismiss this letter because of my passive tone; that I am not passionate or strong enough to convey my message.

So here it is Donald Trump, as bluntly as I can muster, you disgust me.

I’m sure you receive a lot of criticism for the derogatory remarks you make towards practically every subgroup of people that are not white, wealthy, and male, but please don’t disregard this one letter as just another babbling of yet another opponent.

This is not a ‘democrat’ speaking to a ‘republican’; a ‘lesser’ to a ‘superior’ on the basis of sex, income, political view, or age.

This is a letter written from one human to another, concerned about the quality of the people’s humanistic and fundamental rights in America. I am not writing to only condemn and to rant, but to inform how your narcissistic. privileged, and aggressive lifestyle harms America and its society.

My generation and the one prior (millennials and gen Z) has been taught to love people of all color, race, sexuality, and religion from a very, very young age. Though discrimination spreads rampant still, it has also come a long way from 10 years, 20 years, 30 years ago. The progress is slow, but it’s there.

Your hateful speech is regressing America into what it was decades ago. I’ve seen it in my everyday life; I watch children run around my hometown middle school screaming derogatory remarks down the hallway because they heard you say it on the news last night. I watch conversations become sloppy arguments because people have picked up your defensiveness and flippant attitude to others feelings and opinions. I watch others disrespect those they are suppose to care and support for because you make it okay.

Yes, Donald, you have an influence on this society whether you like it or not; that’s what happens when you run and become the president of the United States.

Because of you, and what you do, the countries beginning to become sexist, racist, and crude. Because of you, narcissistic and egotistical bigotry spreads throughout your followers, which flows then into the vast sea of the diverse population in the United States. Because of you, self interest is at an all time high and selflessness and compassion diminishes. It’s the comments you make, like the comment you made in 2005 that condones vulgar and demeaning behavior towards women.

Hearing that audio tape disgusted me, Donald, because hearing you say, “I can do and grab whatever I want on a girl and they like it because I’m rich and powerful” rang familiar to my ears; it sounded like when my boyfriend of 8 months told me “he’s allowed to grab me and have sex with me whenever he wants because we’re dating.”

I was sleeping in my basement when he took advantage of me; doing whatever he pleased to my unconscious body because, hey, he’s my boyfriend. The parallel of your arguments sent me into a panic attack, one of the three mental disorders I obtained or revisited from the trauma of catching my boyfriend inside of me while I had no voice to say ‘got off me’, ‘I don’t want this’, or ‘no’. I wasn’t in the right state of mind to say no then, but I’m going to say it now.

No, Donald, I don’t accept your apology for what you said in 2005, I don’t think you meant it. You repeatedly express your deep devotion and love of America, but America is the people.

With the offensive, inappropriate tongue you have you proved you don’t love women, Hispanics, African Americans, the disabled and mentally handicapped, Muslims, Asians, reporters, 7-day Adventists, and POWs; that’s at least 70-75% of the population. If you don’t love and respect the people, Donald Trump, you do not love and respect this country. No, I don’t think you should run the country because you are a symbol of corruption, white supremacy, male supremacy, Christian supremacy, narcissism, and greed. I will fight power-hungry dogs like you because power-hungry dogs like you took everything away from me, and I will never let that happen again.

Though many of my friends and allies are scared of your presidency and hope to flee from your iron grip on America’s balls, I’ll be right here.

I am not scared, I am not backing down, I am not hiding. You say you’re going to “make America great again”, but I’m here to “keep America great” because it never stopped.

We have grown stronger, closer, and nothing you can do or say will regress America into what we once were. Every day is a step forward, everyday is a fresh start, every day is a promise for better tomorrow; you will not take that away from us. Period. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Caroline is a passionate writer who finds her strength through a pen and her emotions.

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