I Hope That One Day, You’ll Stop Being So Damn Logical And Follow Your Heart

God & Man
God & Man

I hope that one day we see each other again and you still have that smile I fell in love with. That your eyes still crinkle with laughter. That you remember our secret handshake. Maybe we’ll go on one of our coffee-and-donut adventures like we used to and talk for hours. Maybe we’ll sit in silence taking in life, and you’ll give me those three squeezes just like you used to.

I hope you remember how awkward and nerdy our conversations were, so we can pick up where we left off. Maybe you will feel like time hasn’t changed a thing, because for me it hasn’t—for me, time paused when we walked away from each other. I still remember everything we used to do and all the things we used to talk about. All the road trips, the music, the movies, the plans, the dreams. I still remember everything that made us special.

I hope that something will happen and, like a scene from a movie, we’ll exchange looks and smiles. We’ll remember what it felt like when we were close, when we weren’t strangers. Maybe we’ll plan to meet up, maybe we’ll have another adventure. I’ll tell you everything, everything I should’ve told you back then, everything you need to know, I’ll say everything I thought was better not to say.

I hope that we’ll meet again when you’ve changed a little bit; when you’ve figured out where you belong and you’ve stopped making excuses, when you’ve achieved all the dreams you have, and when you have conquered all the things that were stopping you from giving me your heart. When you become the man I know you are.

I hope, when you’ve done everything you could do by yourself, when you want someone by your side after you’ve dated a bunch of other women and finally understood that what we had was special — it was something you don’t find easily, something only a few lucky ones get to experience. I hope you look back and appreciate how real we were, how, out of all the uncertainties in life, our love was not one.

I hope that when we meet again, you’ll remember how I loved you and you’ll realize that this is the time to say it all — this is the time to follow your heart.

I hope that one day you’ll stop being so damn logical and follow your heart. I hope that your heart will lead you back to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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