5 Ways To Cut Out Negative Energy And Create Joy For Yourself

Azrul Aziz
Azrul Aziz

1. Nix the Toxic People

Do your friends gossip about you behind your back? Does your family hurl nothing but hateful criticism toward you no matter how you live your life? Stop obsessing over their hatred. Set limits for the time they spend with you. Sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing for a relationship and yourself.

Even if you need to cut off someone you love, you will feel the tension and stress melt away as soon as you get away. You have too much love to give to focus on people who don’t deserve it. Don’t let their toxicity stifle your happiness.

2. Go Offline

Is social media really good for you? Would you stop caring about people if you didn’t see pictures of their pet (you know exactly who I’m talking about) every day? Do you really care about the people you’d forget? Most websites are just filled with negativity to capture your attention. Social media can depress you with its inherent dishonesty. If you’re listening to notifications on a screen, how can you listen to what you want to tell yourself?

Cancel the accounts you don’t use. Get a Virtual Private Network so people can’t find you. Change your name on some of the accounts you do use. Go dark for two weeks and see who notices. Go outside and leave your phone at home. Go to the park and stay until sunset without looking at the clock. Talk to strangers. I promise you the world won’t end in the meanwhile.

3. Focus on Your Achievements

You have done amazing things and will do amazing things. I want you to grab a notebook and write down all of the things you’ve done that you’re proud of. Write down even the smallest thing you can remember. Don’t focus on what the world thinks you should be proud of; focus on what brings you joy.

When I first did this, I couldn’t think of much. I got better. I realized I’ve traveled the world. I made the most of college. My career had just as many ups as downs. I’ve met some amazing people who have brought inspiration and love into my life. I even messaged some of them to rebuild bridges.

If we remember only our failures, what else can we expect from ourselves?

4. Say No to Self-Doubt

How many times do you tell yourself no so someone else won’t? If there’s an obstacle, what’s stopping you from taking charge like the confident person you know you can be? You will feel self-doubt. You will question yourself. You have control over how you respond.

Go back to those achievements. If you have accomplished so much, what’s stopping you now? You are the first line of defense against your own dreams, and it’s time to tear down that wall. Don’t judge your future plans by what you can do now; judge them by the standards of the person you will become.

5. Get Rid of Junk

If you clutter your space, you’ll clutter your mind. We’re constantly being sold stuff we’re not going to use. We run to free junk. It’s exhausting, and the maintenance of our junk collections just takes up our time. Time you spend organizing and fixing things is time you could spend on yourself.

Do you really use all of your possessions? How many trinkets bring bad memories with them? If you need a memento to remember something, is it really all that important to remember? The trash bin isn’t far away. You can donate old clothes that don’t fit. Living a minimalist life doesn’t mean living off nothing; it just means focusing on what truly gives you value in your life.

If you make less room for the stuff in your life, you’ll have more room for the people in your life.

What are some of the ways you cut the toxicity out of your life? Are you worried something is holding you back? Don’t be afraid to change your mind-set. Try not to think about what brings you down, just for one day. If you do that, you can be free just a bit longer. You are amazing and deserve to feel amazing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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