6 Hashtags That Will Make Everyone Hate You

Hashtags are a privilege, not a right. If our generation is going to keep at it, maybe we can at least try and avoid some of these cringe-worthy tags.


This one is almost exclusively attached to a photo of some asshole’s mediocre-looking parents. Am I the only one who want’s to shout “YEAH, BUT WHAT ABOUT HEREDITARY ILLNESSES!?” at the computer screen?

2. #blessed (or if you’re lucky, #blesed.)

Again, this one is almost exclusively tied to a statement of utter mediocrity, such as: “Just woke up to a kitchen full of bagels #blessed.” Sure life is all about the small wins, but I’m skeptical about God’s involvement in your breakfast.

3. #YOLO

Just. Don’t.

4. #nofilter

I’ve never quite understood why this is brag-worthy. Do people really want a prize for failing to use Instagram the correct way? It’s like driving a car and bragging about using #nobrakes

5. #notaracist

Yes, this exists. And yes, everyone who uses it is a racist.

6. #jetlife

Nine out of ten times this hashtag appears with absolutely no jet in sight. I guess maybe jetlife is just an attitude? A way of life? Either way, it’s super obnoxious, super misleading, and we all like you a little less for doing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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