A Story About Remembering To Be Grateful

Today, while having my morning coffee with the wind gracefully blowing, the sun shining through the somewhat gray clouds, with the soft songs of the birds in the background, I was struck with the realization that here I am, alive with a strong heart beating inside my rib cage.

It’s such a wonder how out of the blue, the smallest things will make you see how lucky you are to be one of the billions and billions of people given the chance to grace the simple beauty of life. With all it’s ups and downs and crazy twists and turns.

I decided to grab my laptop and capture the things I feel thankful for. With the hope that someone out there feels the same and if they’re not, maybe such words will carry some inspiration for them to stop for a while and notice the little things around that can be a source of gratitude to be HERE.

I am grateful for the moments of peace of mind in an ever buzzing world and busy thoughts. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to hear a lot of noise especially from those around, a mix of opinions of what and how you should be. There are times when there’s just so many things that need to be done that you can’t keep up with the to-do list, imagined or written. But moments when you can just breathe and take in everything slowly and calmly are priceless. It’s like your mind can rest for a little bit, bidding it’s sweet time to prepare for what’s next.

I am grateful for the things I have, the friends who turned into family and the family who quietly supports me. These are one of the things that are so easy to take for granted but I hope they know that when things get a bit tough and when I feel like giving up, I have them in mind knowing they would want me to keep fighting, that they believe I can amount to something more.

I am grateful for the things I do not have, for the dreams and goals that are still out of my reach and still continue to strive towards. Life would be purposeless without them and there would be no meaning in waking up each day with the absence of something to look forward to. There are still so much to experience, to learn and see. Life is an adventure that we all must take and even though it can get tricky, we should not forget that our bones were made out of the many particles that were stitched together and our spines a part of something greater. We are built to conquer and push forward despite the adversities. Even when conquering simply means showing up despite the fears and doubts.

I am grateful for the realization that I don’t have to compare my life with others because I am on a journey which is completely unique. And if there’s ever a need to look at another’s life, it would only be to take inspiration from the positive experiences and the negative ones that turned into valuable lessons. It’s very tempting to measure our success from what others have achieved but success is something you create yourself. You are your own artist and sometimes it’s more important that you understand your art than the applause you may get.

I am grateful for today, for another learning experience and for the words that could sometimes be so elusive but right now, can pluck them so easily from the depths of my mind.

I hope YOU can find it in you to be grateful too. Like a famous saying goes, “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.” I hope you can find yours.

A sunshine loving soul aspiring to inspire others through her words.

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