Nothing Is Guaranteed, So Make The Most Of The Moments You’re Gifted

It’s really fascinating how moments can be so fleeting. Like how the sun can set in such a short time and then it’s sunrise again, a sign of another day beginning.

Nothing is definite. And things can start and end suddenly, unexpectedly in just a blink of an eye. Feelings change without even realizing it and some things are so temporary you can’t always hold on to them.

We always seem to take for granted certain moments, people, and things that we have because we feel like we have a lot of time with them when in actuality, time is something we do not possess. There’s nothing more when we want it and it will always flow like river water rushing towards the sea.

So what can be done? What could we possibly do to make the most of what we’re given?

Say what you feel even if you aren’t sure they feel the same way. Because you’ll never know unless you brave up and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Laugh like it’s your last day on earth and spend more time with people you love. You’ll never know what could happen, but being able to cherish every second you have takes you further away from possible regrets.

Give your all in what you’re doing, thinking it could be your best shot at something.

Be grateful for every single day you get to wake up and have another chance to start over. Leave the mistakes of yesterday and just try to be better today.

I know it’s tough to do all that when things don’t always seem to go right. But you gotta keep fighting, keep living, keep chasing the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Remember, no matter how fleeting moments are, when lived up to their fullest, they’re worth everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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