The Kind Of Godly Love You Deserve

Sarah Gray

You deserve a love that consumes you whole.
In an oh-so beautiful heart-warming way.
Like the kind you feel when you’ve finally reached that mountain top looking down the magnificent landscape below you.
It makes you feel breathless but satisfied and allows you to see how wonderful it is that you’re alive.
It is the kind that cultivates gratefulness and appreciation in you.

You deserve the kind of love that showers you with encouragements and support.
It should inspire you to keep growing, to realize your greatest passions and helps you pursue them.
The kind that would pick you up in failure or simply be there to hold your hand in times of frustrations.
It is a love that gives you a reason to become the best version of yourself, not because they said so, but because you want to.

You deserve a love that is patient.
The kind that can put up with your imperfections and accepts your flaws.
Not to tolerate your lapses but have an understanding that you are human too.
It knows that you are bound to make mistakes, to choose the wrong path, or to be at your lowest at some points, and yet continue to believe that eventually you’ll find your footing and learn from your experiences.
It is a love that will not try to change you but would inspire you to let go of all those self-defeating habits at your own pace and time.

You deserve a love that appreciates deeper than just physical qualities.
The kind that is not hesitant to say “you’re beautiful” despite all your insecurities.
It is something that will not only look at you through mundane eyes but truly admires your heart and soul.
It is a love that is not afraid to be vulnerable when it comes to you, to honestly pour out their thoughts of how precious you are and not be ashamed of their sincerity.

You deserve a love that is focused on God.
The kind that acknowledges how important it is to develop your relationship with Him, as a couple or separate individuals.
It teaches you to be more faithful and less doubtful.
And thus, it is easier to surrender yourselves to the promise that God already has something beautiful planned out for you.
It is a love that places God in the center of it all, because in that way, you are assured that the love is genuine and unconditional. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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