You Only Get One Shot At This Crazy Beautiful Journey Called Life

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Annie Theby

Living this life is no easy feat. You will make a lot of mistakes and face cruel consequences for many, if not all of them.

I wish I could tell you that you will have zero regrets, but I would be lying because there will be numerous things you will feel sorry for, things you will wish you hadn’t said, people you will never get a chance to apologize to. And you will have to work through those feelings of remorse before you find healing.

I know it sounds awful and crazy, and sometimes it will make you wonder whether any of this is even worth it. But here’s what I can tell you:

There will come a time that after all this pain you’ve been through that it won’t hurt to look back anymore. You will be surprised to have moments when you’ll be capable of smiling while remembering even the stupidest things you’ve done. You will be sitting at your breakfast table, coffee in hand, reminiscing the good ‘ole days with some of the best (and even the worst) people you’ve ever met. And you will realize why you had to cross paths with them.

Yes, you were young and reckless. You still are, even right in this moment. You will feel invincible at some points in your life, and at others you will crash and burn, but the lessons you will gain from those experiences will be priceless.

There’s no denying that in an alternate universe, you could have a better life than what you have here. If only you chosen differently, if you were just a bit wiser, and maybe if you followed all the rules.

But you don’t want live with the if’s. You shouldn’t have to. Because this, right here, is your life. You should be in love with every second of it. With all its ups and downs, good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

This is it.

If there’s anything the past will teach you, it’s that you can always strive hard for a better tomorrow, but you should also never forget to live for today.

So the choice is yours: You can either live the present, wallowing in misery for the things you will never be able to change. Or, you could simply enjoy this crazy, beautiful ride you’ve been privileged to hop on to.

I hope you pick wisely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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