When Everyone Else Leaves, God Is The One Who Stays

Benjamin Voros

My life has been a crazy roller coaster ride. It wasn’t always rainbows or sunshine but there were moments of storms and darkness too. Despite all that, you stayed. You held my hand when I l felt the weight of the world in my shoulders, you were there to comfort me at my lowest and cheer me on at my best.

When hope was lost and the negativity around starts to seep in my soul, you pushed me to stand still and keep faith. You inspired me to fight those demons and start believing that things are gonna fall right back into place. And they did. You made me brave.

People came and went. Others left a huge gaping hole in my heart that I thought could never heal. I was so wrong to think so. You filled in the empty corners with so much love I felt whole. Your genuine love is irreplaceable and even though there are inevitable moments of fear that I will be on my own, you continue to provide the perfect encouragements to push back all those fears away. I know I’ll never be alone, ever.

You stay. No matter how tough the going gets. I never thought I would find you again but I did because you never failed to remind me that you are here every day.

You are with me through the friends that held my hand in many circumstances. You are with me in the warmth of a wonderful family. You are with me through the wonder and beauty of this world that I am just starting to appreciate.

You are always with me, my GOD. Thank you for never leaving through it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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