How To Heal From Bullying

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Self-love: it sounds easy, but on a daily basis, not so much. You can spend Friday night soaked in a bubble bath with candles as often as you can spend Tuesday crying yourself to sleep. You can go for a run after work but still feel like shit afterward.

Here’s what bullying really does to you: it brings up anxiety. Slowly, without you noticing, it begins to play a subliminal song at the back of your mind. You will never be good enough. Sure you can toss it aside like an annoying fly, but it always come back. Those words imprint into your core. It is hell of a challenge to believe in your worth.

When you start to dig inside your soul so you can heal, you might find your demons: anger and sorrow. How you decide to face the music is up to you.

I think the main difference between bullied people and anyone who hasn’t been a bystander or has never experienced bullying is this: trust issues. Self-confidence and mistrust in others are major challenges when you suffered from harassment and bullying.

So how do you begin to heal? How do you fall in love with yourself?

Body image: Get tattoos, meaningful and cute ones. Go for a run or do yoga. Buy clothes you like and feel comfortable in.

Mental health: Tell yourself “I am enough.” Write it, scream it, and acknowledge your worth. Clean your space — it sounds boring but with the right music it’s fun. Take a break from dating if you must.

Friendship: Humans need interactions, even if you consider yourself a lone wolf. Talk to those who really know you, family and friends.

You are both a masterpiece and a mess. You are a work in progress and to identify your behavior, your patterns, and the way you think isn’t something done overnight. Give yourself time. It might take longer than expected but you will heal. Put yourself on top for once. Embrace who you are. Don’t shy away from your sensitivity. Healing from bullying is not a part-time job: it’s a lifetime commitment to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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